Resistance 3 Details Slowly Emerge

According to NeoGAF some new details have leaked from the forthcoming Resistance 3.  While clearly this could all be simply rumors and speculation, I have a strong feeling this is all legit.  Here’s what we know.

– The Chimera have won the war.  The entire world is now swarming with Chimera, and humans are on the verge of extinction.  Food has become so rare that some humans are resorting to cannibalism just to survive.

– The protagonist this time around is Joseph Capelli, who just so happens to be married to Hale’s stepsister Susan.

– The weapon wheel returns along with the Bullseye, Magnum, Shotgun, Auger, and Carbine, with all weapons upgradable the more players use them.

– One new weapon, the Mutator allows players to create boils on the Chimera that explode and damage all other enemies.  Its secondary functions causes the Chimera to go insane and attack one another.

– Finally it was revealed that there will be a full co-op mode, not a secondary story mode as seen in Resistance 2.  This is extremely good news for our own Steven Lacroix who has been asking for this for years now.

While it’s not much to go on, all of these features sound like great additions to an already exciting franchise.  Do you like what you’re hearing thus far?  Resistance 3 is scheduled for release late 2011.

2 thoughts on “Resistance 3 Details Slowly Emerge”

  1. Yes sir! I like the sound of everything!

    If humanity is lost then I will most likely enjoy the game even more! I love post apocalypse like stories!

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