App Store Now Features Over 300,000 Games

It’s true, more than half of the 300,000 videogames on the App Store are complete and utter garbage.  That said, 300,000 anything is quite an accomplishment.  Many hardcore gamers look at the App Store as “just another cell phone game shop,” but the truth of the matter is that Apple has become a serious contender in the videogame industry.  I can’t begin to tell you how many press releases I get on a daily basis from indie companies and major third parties that want us to highlight some new iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch game they have in production.    I’ve said this before, and I’ll be saying it again I’m sure, but the iOS platform has completely changed the videogame industry.  It has empowered the smallest developers in the world to release intuitive and sometimes great games for $0.99, often even being free.  Google’s Android operating system has followed suit, and combined these two platforms look to do something Nintendo and Sony could never dream of, allowing your average joe to release their creation for the whole world to enjoy all while making money in the process.  It’s quite something when you stop and think about it.

For years the portable market, including the cell market, was locked in position by the power players.  If you were on the traditional gaming front, you needed to get expensive software development kits from companies like Nintendo and Sony.  While on the cellphone market, you were almost always locked in with the carrier.  If they didn’t carry a game you wanted, you were completely shafted.  Now we have an alternative to this.  You can either download Android’s SDK for free or pay a measly $100 a year for access to Apple’s.  From there, you make your game, submit it for approval and that’s it.  Your game is up and running for the whole world to enjoy.  There have been several millionaires made from developing on the iPhone and soon for Android devices as well.  This is just not possible on the traditional platforms.

Lately it feels like we’re hearing about one major milestone after another in the mobile arena.  Who would have thought that the portable market would be so completely altered within only two years.  It makes you wonder what is going to happen in the next couple of years.

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