Happy Birthday Old Friend

The first Nintendo Entertainment System was sold in FAO Schwartz in Manhattan way back on October 18th, 1985.  It was a test market sale.  Nintendo would later do something similar in Los Angeles before a nationwide roll-out  in late 1986.  The first NES ever sold was actually sold to a Japanese competitor, likely someone at SEGA.  Shortly after the release of the NES in North America the platform would become the undeniable console champion.  Nintendo would reign supreme for years to come.  They are the longest lasting console manufacturer, and I thought it would be nice to have everyone shout out a few memories from their NES days.  You’re old enough to have NES days…right?

The NES actually launched with 15 titles.  It’s library would eventually surpass one thousand.  It’s really hard to believe, but the entire videogame market owe so much to this little grey box.  While Famicom was clearly the better design choice of the two, namely because it didn’t require gamers to blow on the carts to get them to work after four years of continuous use.  Whatever the case may be, the NES remains one of the best platforms in history.  Who could possibly forget the first time they played Super Mario Bros., Duck Hunt, The Legend of Zelda, Metroid, Contra, Castlevania, Mega Man…I think you get the idea.  This was the originator, the alpha, the one we all remember so fondly.

So what are some of your best NES memories?

One thought on “Happy Birthday Old Friend”

  1. While I got my NES around 1989, I have vague memories of watching my older cousins play Super Mario Bros. before that time…we were too young to play according to them. Ironically, none of them are into gaming anymore while I continued doing so to this very day.

    My favorite NES memories is one I repeat often: playing Zelda II over at my cousin’s uncle, who got me into the series in the first place. We stayed up so late, as he encouraged me to keep on pushing to reach the final palace. Never did but I loved trying to with his advice and encouragement backing me up. This is why I hold Zelda II so dear to me, as it took me more than a decade of on and off playing to finish, even more-so than the original LoZ to me.

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