EA Picks Up iPhone Hit Developer Chillingo

The makers of the insanely successful games Angry Birds and Cut the Rope have been bought by Electronic Arts.  We can’t say we’re surprised by this move as EA has been struggling to keep up with the indie developers on the mobile scene.  EA paid a cool $20 million for the small developer.  This is a good lesson for all you small developers out there.  Don’t ignore the mobile market as it can make you a millionaire.  Chillingo are proof of that.  I can’t believe how fast the mobile market has exploded.  What do you think of this?

8 thoughts on “EA Picks Up iPhone Hit Developer Chillingo”

  1. Wow. this is a real success story indeed. I love that game and so does my wife actually.

    1. Well this is a twist. Turns out this deal doesn’t include Angry Birds. That’s interesting. It means these guys just scored 20 million and they continue to keep the rights to Angry Birds.

      As for Cut the Rope, try the demo. It’s awesome. Another excellent puzzle-ish game.

      1. Ironically, from what I understood that Chillingo did not develop Angry Birds in the first place, which makes sense since they don’t even own the rights to it. They simply helped the original developer publish it. As for Cut the Rope, not entirely sure.

        Either way, 20 million for such a small time company is indeed a huge success story. Looks like EA wants in with iPhone games.

        1. Ahmed the original story is a but confusing because Chillingo is actually the publisher behind quite a few popular iPhone games. Originally I thought this deal included the Angry Birds developer, but it doesn’t. So this isn’t as big of news aa I thought.

  2. wow so they paid for the talent essentially. I wonder what they have coming down the pipeline then.

    1. Yeah I’m quite curious myself. I suppose they saw the success if Angry Birds and the recently released Cut the Rope and they figured this was a group to take interest in.

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