Commercial Flashback #1: The Epic Oracles

Behold the glory of 2001-era CG production:

This computer generated sequence hasn’t aged all that well, but it was awesome back in the day. And I mean awesome. Epic music, epic explosions of light, epic vine-climbing, epic shattered swords re-forging themselves into even more epic not-shattered swords, and other epically epic things — what’s not to like? You’ve got to love the fill-in film trailer announcer who sounds more like he has a head-cold than the testosterone-infused voice of a movie-hyping macho man. For the record, Oracle of Seasons was my favourite of the two games. Never mind Ages’ nitpicking puzzles, it’s all about the action-rush for me. Hurrah for the Rod of Seasons!

How about you guys; Oracle of Ages or Oracle of Seasons? Any sentimental memories to share?

2 thoughts on “Commercial Flashback #1: The Epic Oracles”

  1. We have similar tastes, Charles. I posted some flashback commercials awhile back. Never seen this Oracles ad before though. That was pretty cool. What’s even cooler is the ad for Spirit Tracks. Have you seen that yet? I thought it was one of Nintendo’s best ideas. Also posted that on the site a few months ago.

    Man…you’re making me chose between Ages and Seasons? That’s brutal. Bought both on release day and enjoyed the heck out of them. Seasons in my opinion had the cooler and more complete mechanic while Ages had dungeons and puzzles that were harder. Loved the fact that I could connect both of my game saves via password. Played Seasons first then moved to Ages, and some of the characters and featured carried over. Good stuff. Collectively, I enjoyed these games much more than Link’s Awakening.

  2. @Ahmed Mosly: Actually, I’m not altogether sure that I have seen the new Spirit Tracks commercial. I’ll have to look it up!

    It’s a difficult choice, isn’t it? Loved them both, but to me Seasons was the most solid, satisfying experience. However, I’ll always be at odds with the majority of the Zelda fanbase in that Link’s Awakening remains my favourite portable Zelda.

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