Epic Mickey’s New Epic Gameplay Trailer

Colourful, imaginative, and looking to be the most refreshing spin on the Disney universe we’ve seen in a long time. Admittedly, this one is high up there on my must-buy list for the holiday season. Am I alone or will some of you be jumping on the Epic Mickey bandwagon with me in a month’s time?

2 thoughts on “Epic Mickey’s New Epic Gameplay Trailer”

  1. Epic. I think this game has put me in a Mickey Mouse mood as of late. Been reliving my memories over at YouTube, watching classics such as Mickey and the Beanstalk, Mickey’s Christmas Carol, and The Prince and the Pauper. The Chirstmas Carol one still lives up quite well to this day, and the Prince one has some nice voice characterizations by Wayne Allwine (RIP). All this despite me not liking the character as much as Donald, Goofy, and even Pluto. Mickey’s old solo cartoons paled in comparison to the others. That’s why I’m quite interested in what Epic Mickey will do to liven him up a notch. My only gripe is that we’re not going to see a fully-voiced Mickey by his new voice actor, Bret Iwan. Just generic grunts and yells. :(

  2. I will be getting this without a doubt for two big reasons, 1 because is maded for Warren spector, and number 2 because is a mickey game, and it has benn a long time since we got a good mickey mouse game.
    I will also plan to get The new Donkey kong and Assassins creed brotherhood as well 8D

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