Shazam That’s A Lot of Controllers O_O

There’s not much to say about this news story except…wow that’s a lot of controller sold Nintendo.  We just received a press release which states Nintendo has sold a whopping 65.3 Wii remote controllers.  That’s 46,000 sold each and every day!  Oh, and that number only includes the US!  Yes Nintendo is certainly having a slow news day today in order to send out such figures, but hey, we now know exactly how successful the Wii is.  Whenever you can move that many controllers in one country, you’re really onto something ;)

2 thoughts on “Shazam That’s A Lot of Controllers O_O”

  1. Those are some crazy numbers there. It really shows the influence of Nintendo’s multiplayer-oriented model over consumers, doesn’t it?

  2. Surprised that it took them this long to release these numbers. Kind of bad timing with the new Wii Remote Plus on the way. Nobody in their right mind would buy four Wii Remote Plus controllers if they already own the original vanilla version. Furthermore, why haven’t they released any figures for the Wii Motion Plus?

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