Who Would You Buy With $51 Billion?

A few interesting articles hit my desk late this afternoon.  Not the least of which was this one.  It’s a story that says Apple has acquired $51 billion.  With that kind of money companies like Adobe and Facebook aren’t too far fetched for takeovers.  Would you believe that Disney and Sony are also considered ripe for the picking.  That really stunned me, but after reading several financial reports today, all of them are saying the exact same thing.  Apple has billions to spend on virtually anyone they want.  The question is, who should they buy?  So I ask you, who would you buy with $51 billion?

6 thoughts on “Who Would You Buy With $51 Billion?”

  1. Nah wishful thinking Apple or any company would buy MS anytime soon. More of a fear would be them buying Nintendo tho ;)

    1. Yeah there’s no way Apple would buyout any of these companies toe perfectly honest. Disney in particular isn’t really worth it for them because Steve Jobs is the largest shareholder in the company so what’s the point? Like Google, I expect Apple to buy a ton of smaller companies with very specific abilities. Outside of that, expect server farms, lots and lots of server farms. You should see the one they’re building out in North Carolina. It’s massive, one of the largest actually.

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