OMG: CoD Black Ops Support Splitscreen Online Multiplayer!

It’s official; Treyarch is just showing off! They’re trying as hard as possible to outdo Modern Warfare 2, and after this announcement…I’m sold! Simultaneous offline/online multiplayer is just what this game needs! I’m curious whether you can bring in more than one guest into the mix ala Halo: Reach, but for now it looks like the feature is limited to just two players. For Xbox 360 fans, this feature may prove to be really cool as your friend can use his own Xbox Live account and fight alongside you. Sadly for PS3 owners, there’s still no possible way to have two PSN accounts sign in from the same console…so your friend will be forced to join as a temporary guest.

Other features that have been talked about include regional matchmaking and customized private games. Good stuff. Online is looking more streamlined than MW2 already.

Source: PlayStation Blog (via Kotaku)

7 thoughts on “OMG: CoD Black Ops Support Splitscreen Online Multiplayer!”

  1. I’m pretty sure Resistance 2 had online splitscreen coop with the ability to sign in with 2 PSN IDs.

    3rd party devs are just lazy sometimes. MW2 didn’t even have 7.1 for PS3…

    1. You sure Pat? If so then there may be hope for the PS3 version of BO as well. Can you remember the process of doing so in Resistance 2? Did it involve accessing the PS3’s own dashboard and firmware or was it programmed in-game?

      About 7.1 surround, most games don’t even support that anyway, right?

      LOL indeed Activision sucks, but Treyarch are looking to impress. :)

    1. Man…playing splitscreen online is so much fan! Tried it out with my buddies in various games such as PDZ, Warhawk, and Halo: Reach. Gets so addicting. Black Ops will be the same as well!

  2. You know what, I am not sure for Resistance 2. Originally the option wasn’t there. I stopped playing the game and they patched that function in. So I never used it myself.

    As for 7.1, most games since a few years now actually do support 7.1 on the PS3. Especially shooters. It is so simple to do for a shooter! That is why I was really pissed off at MW2 for not implementing it. I mean, even games like Brutal Legend supported 7.1 on the PS3.

    Yeah… I hope Treyarch does ok. They can’t fail with Call of Duty in their name though :)

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