PlayStation Phone – It’s Real!

Engadget was the first one to break the story, but we’re here to give you our take on it.  If you haven’t seen it by now, here’s what the device looks like.

The PlayStation Phone will utilize Android 3.0 (Gingerbread) and be available to virtually every carrier known to man.  There will be a custom Sony Marketplace where users can buy PS games, likely a ton of PSP games to be exact.  Don’t expect games to simply be ports of existing titles.  In fact from what we’ve been told developers all over the world have their hands on the SDK and are ready and willing to pump out a ton of games.

Spec-wise, we’re look at a 1GHz Qualcomm MSM8655 processor, 512MB of RAM, 1GB of ROM, and a screen size of around 3.7 to 4.1 inches.  The main screen is actually a multi-touch screen similar to other Android phones on the market, and will be fully available for developers who want to make use of it.  That little dot you see on the faceplate is a camera, and developers will have access to it for online gaming.  Yes, mobile video chatting.  Talk about insane.  There are even classic PlayStation shoulder buttons, as can be seen below.

This particular model is a prototype model so the custom skin hasn’t been attached, and we have no idea how much different the OS will be customized for the platform.  While rumors suggest the PlayStation Phone could make its way onto the market as early as this year, my money says 2011.  Regardless of what you think, we assure you this is indeed the real deal.  The fact Engadget has secured these pics all but proves that.

So, any takers?  Are you interested in a PlayStation-branded phone?  Would this replace your PSP?

7 thoughts on “PlayStation Phone – It’s Real!”

  1. So this is like a separate project from the PSP2 I’m assuming? To be honest, this is what the PSPGo should’ve been. Even looks similar to the system. I’m interested, but holding out until the final price.

  2. Yeah Ahmed they’re two separate projects. Sony can’t just release a PSP Phone because there are millions that don’t want a phone. Problem is that both will likely be competing for the same audience somewhat. We’ll likely hear more about this shortly.

  3. I’m interested but I have an iphone that i’m not gettting rid of either. If I didn’t have one though I ‘d be all over that. Although I do hope that the psp 2 will be a phone as well or else. I just don’t think that i’ll carry another device just to play games. They could release a psp 2 barebones that just plays games and one that is a phone as well? Who knows. this is weird though.

  4. Well guys, after this evening’s post, I’m not entirely sure what to think anymore. On one hand Sony could make a really killer phone. On the other, they could make a really killer portable gaming console. The problem is, I will never carry around another portable after the iPhone. It simply does everything I could ever want it to do. I use it for all my business meetings, etc. I also use it for light gaming. Now if there was a hardcore gaming machine built in there too, well you get the idea. Having to carry around another portable simply isn’t going to work for me anymore. It’s why I will not be buying the 3DS because I know I will never ever use it outside.

  5. I am definetly interested!

    I’ve been holding off smart phones for hope that one day a PSP Phone comes out!

    I kinda wish it was part of the PSP2 instead but…. if the devices are affordable. I’ll be getting both.

  6. I think it’s interesting, but I have no use for a different phone.

    For me, I want the game software and functionality. If the system can show it’ll be a hardcore gaming portable (which I doubt, if they will pursue a PSP2 to that end), then it’s probably not for me. For me, the 3DS will satisfy my handheld gaming needs, because it has the games I’m psyched for.

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