More PSP2 Details Start To Trickle Out

Yesterday I talked a bit about the PlayStation Phone, and today I’m going to bring you an update on the PSP2.  Kotaku were the first ones to break the story earlier today, and I’ve been busy all afternoon pressing our sources to see if I could find anything else.  We may be a smaller site, but we still have our sources ;)  Ok so for what Kotaku reported on.  Their sources are saying the PSP2 will do away with the UMD, but may not go digital-download only.  Could we see memory stick games?  At this point, who knows.  Sony has a very strong online store that’s already worldwide, and slowly getting locked by IP like many other popular online services.  What that means is that Sony could potentially released another PSP Go-like device with digital downloads only.  That said, developers have been really burnt with the PSP and PSP Go, so who knows at this point.

I give you...the fake PSP2!

In terms of tech specs, it appears this is going to be a beast, and is likely why Sony didn’t include this into the PS Phone.  Kotaku reports that the PSP2 will include more RAM than the 360 or PS3!  Up to 1GB of RAM.  To compare, the 360 has 512MB of RAM, and the current PSP has 64MB.  So adding a GB to this bad boy should provide us with some good power.  Apparently the processor could be significantly higher than anything on the market either…at least in terms of handhelds.  The 360 runs a 3.2GHz processor, and I doubt a portable will have that.  Most high-end smart phones have a 1GHz processor in order to keep battery life remotely acceptable.  I wonder if this thing will have a comparable processor to the 360 what will happen to the battery life?

Next up is the screen, which is said to be larger than the one on the PSP, and will be “high-definition.”  It will also be a touch screen, but we all kind of expected that at this point.

From what I’ve been able to gather developers are being shown multiple configurations of the device, namely in terms of the size and shape of the system.  Regardless of the form factor, the new PSP will include two analog sticks for true 3D gaming and is comparable to both the PS3 and 360 in terms of sheer processing power.  Given the smaller screen, people are saying games actually look nicer.  We’ll have to see that to believe it, but we all know that a smaller screen allows for much nicer graphics at far less the processing power.  If the tech specs are correct, maybe it’s true after all.  I’ve also been told the new PSP will be fully integrated with the PlayStation Network.  That means trophy support, online multiplayer, friends list, etc.  Everything you’ve comet to enjoy on your PS3 will be nicely transferred over to your new PSP.

There is one potential problem…the PlayStation Phone.  I’m not entirely sure how Sony plans to market these two devices at the same time.  Is the phone simply a Sony Ericsson platform with a Sony app store whereby developers can release light mini-games and brand them as “PS” titles?  Will they have the PSN integrated into them as well or not?  There are tons of questions we simply don’t have the answers to, but if Sony does plan to release two portable devices that could be a big risk.  I understand they want to compete with Google and Apple, but at the same time you never want to compete with yourself.  What do you guys think of all this?

4 thoughts on “More PSP2 Details Start To Trickle Out”

  1. Wow! I’m in! I will probably buy both. The more articles I read the more I want both!

    I think the PSP Phone will be completely different than the PSP2 by the sound of things. It’ll be more like Sony’s first smart phone with a bonus of playing PSP 1 games or PS One games.

    If there are trophies on the PSP 2, ESPECIALLY if they are linked to your PSN ID, I’ll be all over this! :D

  2. I’m almost certain the psp 2 will be a phone as well. This is just them trying not to fall to much behind apple in market share and to try to satisfy its fan base who don’t want to lug a psp around who might have been thinking about the iphone. Their next move will be the psp2 phone. Beilieve me you :)

  3. Honestly, I have no idea what Sony plans to do. They can mimic Apple and release a PSP2, and a PSP2Phone because some people won’t want the pricey data plans attached to the Phone. This trick is what’s allowed Apple to sell millions of iPod Touches. We shall see soon enough.

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