Keiji Inafune Quits After 23 Of Working For Capcom!

In a really surprising move, Mega Man creator Keiji Inafune has officially left Capcom.  In his blog post he said the following…

A manager’s work means evaluating your subordinates and speaking your dreams. Anyone who can do both of those can be a manager. I thought that when I came here, and I still think that now.  There’s nowhere higher for me to go.

I’m leaving Capcom with the intention of starting my life over.  People that really know me, can see where I’m coming from. I’m not a regular dude. It’s probably because I’m strange.

Thank you.

And with that Keiji is out.  Pretty sad day for all you Mega Man fans out there.

3 thoughts on “Keiji Inafune Quits After 23 Of Working For Capcom!”

  1. Really feeling confused right now. On one hand, I’m really looking forward to what he’ll make outside of Capcom, especially with strong rumors that he’ll join level 5. On the other hand, this is truly an end of an era. Capcom currently has none of its talent left within them, with big figures such as Mikami and the Clover people leaving a few years back.

    I’ll really miss his work with Capcom. He left in a really high note by green-lighting Legends 3 and being involved in Mega Man 9 and 10, not to mention the awesome collaborative effort that is Dead Rising 2, which is considered his last work with the company. Such an awesome game that I highly encourage everyone to play. Yeah, Lost Planet 2 was a dud but at least Dead Rising 2 proved to be a huge success.

    Kinda understand what he’s going through though. He’s reached the top of the studio and he’s not that involved in making games as before. About time that he quite actually. I wouldn’t be surprised to hear Miyamoto starting his own company outside of Nintendo in the near future, for example….since he’s been more of a manager than a designer, too.

  2. I’m definitely saddened that he has left Capcom. For me, he pretty much defined the company and represented everything I liked about it. He is a very creative individual and I have to appreciate his hard work on all of my favorite games. I’m particularly saddened because I’m not sure on the direction of the Mega Man series without him (even though many were already made without him in the company, the ones he is involved in are easily the best). I’m glad he is bringing us Mega Man Universe and Mega Man Legends 3, which are excellent contributions to the series, and of course, 9 and 10 tugged at my heartstrings.

    Wherever he goes, I’m sure success will follow. I look forward to whatever games he will create in the future.

    1. Some very heartfelt responses there guys. In regards to Miyamoto, he’s been in a managerial role since the SNES days. People tend to forget that he didn’t even direct A Link to the Past. If he really wanted to create a game, Iwata would allow him to. Remember that the Wii was based off his creative ideas.

      As for Keiji, I’d love to see what he does outside of Capcom. He’s reached the ceiling and if he feels he’s not being creative enough, then yes, it’s time to move on. If he does indeed go to Level 5, that could be something.

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