Mandatory Xbox Live Upate Hits Monday Morning

Are you planning on picking up Kinect on November 4th?  If so you’ll be pleased to know Microsoft is releasing its Xbox Live update this coming Monday, November 1st.  This update will allow the Kinect and the Xbox 360 to play nice with one another.  There have been reports that some media outlets have had their Xbox locked up on them for trying to play Kinect games through Live.  Essentially they’ve been left out in the cold until this update hits.

Outside of the Kinect support, this update includes a slightly tweaked dashboard, ESPN programming, and additional Zune Marketplace featuring including Zune Pass music streaming.  Another big change coming up is a major overhaul of the voice chatting quality.  I can vouch for the lack of voice quality from time to time.  My biggest problem has been volume.  I have my new 360 headset on max and I can barely hear what others are saying to me.  I hope this gets addressed because I’m currently using my launch headset just to game with Steven and others.

The update should take around five to ten minutes to download and install.  We’ll have much more information once we update our machines this coming Monday.  Have a safe and happy Halloween all you crazy people out there.  We’ll try our hardest to get you Kinect launch coverage, but we’re not making any promises.  We still have to find out whether or not we have to buy the thing O_o

6 thoughts on “Mandatory Xbox Live Upate Hits Monday Morning”

  1. Any news on Kinect Jarrod?

    I tried downloading this update today for some time and it wouldn’t work. I think they are having problems right now so I’ll have to try again in the morning.

    1. I couldn’t get the update to work either. As for Kinect, nothing yet. I’ll bet attending the VIP party tomorrow where I plan to get some concrete answers for you.

    1. Yup. I’ll see you tomorrow Pat. If you haven’t tried Kinect before, tomorrow you’ll have no excuse! With any luck I’ll get some pics of you acting like a fool that I can post for the world to see. Mwa ha ha!

  2. I’m…still not sure on Kinnect.

    I really want to play Panzer Dragoon, Steel Battalion 2, and Child of Eden though, so if those are amazing, those are what will push me over the edge to get Kinnect. I think 3 solid games is worth the investment.

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