Catherine Story Details Emerge

Even as its release date draws ever closer, Atlus’s horrifying action-adventure game remains shrouded in mystery. Today, a few story details have finally leaked out via the game’s official website.

According to the site, the game will open amidst a flood of reports detailing highly unusual deaths around the city, all of which involve young males dying in their sleep with terrified expressions frozen onto their faces. Furthermore, rumours abound that people experiencing nightmares wherein they are falling will perish in real life if they cannot break free from these stomach-twisting dreams quickly enough.

The story is centered on the experiences of Vincent, a twenty-two year old salary man. Following the horrifying roll of death reports, the narrative shifts to a bar scene in which Vincent is out with his girlfriend of five years, Katherine. Katherine drops the idea of marriage into the conversation, choking Vincent up and leaving him unable to answer.

Soon after, an unknown girl appears in the bar and takes a seat next to Vincent, introducing herself as Catherine. Regardless of his ties to another woman, he is so intrigued by this girl that he ends up taking her home for the night. From this night on, grotesque, heart-pounding nightmares begin clawing their way into Vincent’s dreams night after night.

The makings of a potentially great psychological thriller have been laid in place, wouldn’t you say? Hopefully the game shapes up to match its exciting concept.

Source: Catherine’s Official Site via andriasang

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  1. I am REALLY interested in this game. I love the visual style. If i had to make an outright comparison, I’m expecting this is the anime Heavy Rain (broad comparison, but kinda the vibe I get). I will probably get this right away upon release.

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