It’s Bond Day!

We used to bore you to tears with endless press releases, but no more.  Instead you get updates like this one, short and sweet.  Activision wanted us to make sure you knew today was Bond day.  Both GoldenEye 007, and James Bond 007: Blood Stone were now available.  Personally I’m going to check out Bloodstone only because I get very little Wii time around my house.  My significant other enjoyed a few games, but nothing too extravagant.  That said, I’m hoping I have more luck with Kinect.  Ok, that’s a story for another time.  For now, let me know if you’re going to check out either of the two Bond games.

6 thoughts on “It’s Bond Day!”

  1. I’ll be passing on Bloodstone for a little while, but I’m gonna take Goldeneye for a spin some time this week, hopefully. Don’t know when I’ll have time, but I’ll MAKE time.

  2. I hope to pick up GoldenEye sometime this month. It looks so good, and I miss gaming like crazy. It looks like Wii will have two top-notch shooters for the year: this and Conduit 2 :D

  3. Yeah I heard about that. I just don’t have time to cover more than the 360 & PS3 at this moment in time. I was hoping someone else could cover GoldenEye given all our fans of said game. Just by the comments it looks like I made the right move.

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