Bond Returns To Cinemas November 2012

Once MGM filed for bankruptcy everyone started to panic over the Bond license.  Would they sell it off?  If so, who would buy it?  We can all relax as MGM has stated Bond 23 will be financed by another company, and that said company will have an equal share in the movie’s makings.  This is only for Bond 23 though, as after that MGM will finance the following pictures themselves and reap all the rewards.  Whatever the technicalities are, it’s just great to know that Bond is coming back to the big screen.

Currently Bond actor, Daniel Craig is extremely busy working on a variety of movies including The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo, Dream House, and Cowboys & Aliens.  It’s highly likely Craig will return as Bond, but will only start shooting late 2011.  We’ll have more information on this story as it develops, but longtime Bond fans should be very excited to know their trusty series is back on track!

5 thoughts on “Bond Returns To Cinemas November 2012”

  1. I wasn’t impressed by Quantum of Solace. Bond is not a vigilante, and that’s all the movie made him out to be. There are more than enough revenge plot films out there, and they all do the same thing. Let Bond be Bond please :)

    Though I gotta admit…that motor oil was unforgettable *shudders*

  2. Heh,

    I’m a big movies fan but never been a big Bond fan though…
    I find it really hard to follow series where they all have independant titles.

  3. Are they making another Girl with Dragon Tatto movie? I watched the first one and the sequel in Swedish and they were awesome. Don’t recall seeing him in it though.

    1. I don’t know all the details Steven. I’ll try to find out some info for you though, seeing as you’re interested.

      I’ve followed Bond for years Pat. I guess it’s just one of those series that I was introduced to when I was younger and it stuck with me.

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