Your Shape: Fitness Evolved Review

Your Shape: Fitness Evolved (Available exclusively on Xbox 360)
ESRB Rating: E
Players: 1
Genre: Sports
Publisher: Ubisoft
Developer: Ubisoft Montreal
Release Date: November 4th, 2010

Disclaimer: I must establish something about my Kinect reviews.  I bought these games with my money. I played a fair amount of these titles at E3, so I knew which ones would appeal to me. I wouldn’t knowingly spend $50 on a crappy game. Does this mean all the Kinect launch games are awesome? Well, no.  Even those I bought aren’t exactly system sellers. Still, as the days go along, we hope to evaluate as many of the releases as possible.

Your Shape: Fitness Evolved impressed me the most at E3. I was amazed by how the game perfectly recreated everything of my movements. Even the folds in my jeans were recognized. Also, since I can’t watch my diet to save my life, I try to visit a gym a few times per week to keep in shape. This game offers a decent alternative when you don’t have time to pump iron. But I plan on hiring a Dallas personal trainer to help me when I have extra time.

The Great:

You won’t encounter any truer 1:1 in a game. Motion gamers, you have to experience this to believe it! Anything your arms, legs and body do is represented flawlessly on screen. You can even present an object to the camera and watch it be recreated in 3D instantly in front of your eyes. It’s not 100% perfect though.  Say you start running around like a crazy kangaroo; you’ll notice slight delays.  But those aren’t the kinds of movements you do for training exercise, so everything accomplished is due to your own merits.

The Good:

+ Personalized programs based on your weight, or your fitness goal(s).  I asked the game to improve my energy levels, since I become tired easily during the day for no reason (other than my obvious malnutrition). Your Shape Evolved designed a program specifically for that.  It’s neat and not something you experience in gaming often.

  • An accurate scan of your body.  The game surprised me in guessing my weight as well.
  • No pushover, no cheating. It took everything I had just to complete the first exercise.  This is great, as I know I’ll improve as time goes along, becoming stronger.  It’s like Brain Age, though nstead of improving your memory; it’s your conditioning.

The Bad:

– Determining between 1 and 2 players is awkward. You have to stand on a button, but the button shifts when you move both of your feet. It’s a minor complaint, but one nonetheless.

  • Lacking content.  The boxing and zen classes are awesome, but what about some more yoga?  (more classes might become available as you play; I’ll update if that’s the case.)

Can this be done on other systems?

No, not as intricately at least.  There are quality alternatives on the Wii and PS3, but Your Shape has to be the best exercise videogame available.

The Lowdown:

If you bought Kinect and care about your fitness, don’t hesitate in picking this up.  Heck, if you want to be fit but don’t want to go to the gym or outside your residence, buying Kinect just for this game wouldn’t be a bad idea. If you want to show off Kinect to your friends, Your Shape Evolved is the ideal game to do so.

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  1. This looks like it has the potential to become a very big hit for Kinect. This is the one game that almost everyone I know is looking at when it comes to Kinect. Well this and Dance Central. I’m going to pick up both sometime next week for sure just to enjoy them at my home, but I also have a ton of others to pick up as well. Crazy times are just around the corner.

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