Commercial Flashback #3: The Day Square Lost Their Minds

A fairly lengthy write-up accompanied last week’s Commercial Flashback. This entry, however, will be pointedly brief. Why is that? Because… well, just watch the video:

…what the f**k is that?! Upon revisiting this commercial I realize there is nothing I can write about it that can be grounded to logic. Are you disturbed? Will you be able to sleep tonight? Let me know what you think, because I’m speechless. All I can say is that this is the only time I’ve seen a game pitched to consumers via maniacal laughter and ostriches, and it’s both truly original and truly terrifying. Is it a marketing mishap or are you going to rush back in time and purchase Final Fantasy IV simply because of how AWESOME this ad is?

7 thoughts on “Commercial Flashback #3: The Day Square Lost Their Minds”

  1. LOL! What the hell? Ostrich = Chocobo? Nice logic, Square. You’d think that the Japanese know their game best therefore give out a better commercial but nooo…they had to come up with this sad crap.

    Wondering what the American counterpart is?

  2. Wow, Japanese can have really stupid commercials.

    It’s like they have the smartest tech but the stupidest common sense.

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