Fallout: New Vegas Moves 5 Million Units!

Say what you will about Fallout: New Vegas, but the title has been selling extremely well.  I’m currently working my way through the game, hoping to have a review out before the end of the week.  What I can say right now is that yes, this is one buggy game.  Thankfully along with releasing the news that it has shipped five million units worldwide, Bethesda also announced a massive patch which will fix many of the game-breaking bugs.  I haven’t had as many problems as others, but I have indeed noticed many questionable bugs.  For everyone who picked up New Vegas, how has your time with the game been?  Have you been able to crash your system?  Have you had the mysterious floating heads, etc?  Let us know!

11 thoughts on “Fallout: New Vegas Moves 5 Million Units!”

  1. Still really not sure to pick this game up or not, mostly due to the bugs. I usually prefer picking up PS3 version of multiplatform games due to the instability of the 360 console (old models), yet while the PS3 version of Fallout is better graphically, I’m hearing that its loading times are stupid. Waiting for that patch to see what happens.

    Good stuff though. 5 million units in this short timeframe is really, really good….considering the lower budget of this game compared to the last.

  2. “The gaming community started giving money to games that require no thinking or development money (Wii Play)”,, and what is the bad thing about this?, if the games are fun, ( world of goo, braid,wii sports,etc), i dont see the problem, really more of them please.
    About the Topic at hand iam still waiting for the arrival of my copy, you know iam from venezuela, and most of the times, the games came between 2 and 3 weeks before release date in U.S., so i think i will be getting this game this weekend or the first days of the next one, i hope the patch arrives sooner so i can expirience this game the way it should be and deservers for that matter.

  3. This doesn’t make me really happy. The gaming community started giving money to games that require no thinking or development money (Wii Play), and now they’re giving money to companies that release their games full packed with bugs but doesn’t care!

  4. I plan to write my review either this afternoon or likely later in the week. I’ll make a brief note that Bethesda has plans to release a patch to fix the bugs, but as it stands now this is a Try game at best. It’s fun, has a solid storyline and offers up hours upon hours of gameplay, but the bugs make it feel completely rushed.

    1. Xbox 360. I’m not playing it on my profile Steven. I started this a little while ago because I won’t get any achievements and I don’t want it to affect my overall gamerscore showing I only completed 20% of the achievements. I’ll play it on my profile once the patch hits and I have the time to get all the achievements, or at least a large portion of them. I started this with Quantum Theory and plan to do this from here on out for any game I won’t play for very long…or until more time opens up.

    1. Exactly. This is why I haven’t been on Live for the last little while…because technically I have been lol. I should be back to “normal” in another day or so. Get to Fable III, and make a woman damn you!

  5. I will eventually man. I still have to beat Deathspank 2, Halo Reach…. perhaps try to “platinum” Spidey, get COD and Fable III. It’s crazy out here man.

    Those Kinect games won’t help my chevo ratio. I thought these would be easy achievements games, but theyre not! Kinect Adventures looks a bit easier to get about 700 of the points, but Kinect Sports has some of the most difficult achievements yet. Dance Central, you need to be a god to get good scores in this one. Your Shape ain’t bad, but getting 10 000 calories burned would take about 100 days of playing while burning 100 calories. Burning 100 calories is what you burned by playing for around 30 minutes…. depending on what you play. You can burn more faster, but fuck you’ll be tired. So they’re not hard chievios, you just have to keep playing the game for over 100 days. lol

    1. Good luck with all that. I don’t necessarily want a high score, more just a complete one. Like what I’m doing in Fable III isn’t to master the achievements, but to at least get fairly high. I was even thinking of going back to do the same for some of the titles I didn’t do that too. Thing is, when??? lol. Just make sure when you play Fable III that you’re a woman. It’s extremely important, and shouldn’t to be hard for you ;)

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