Call of Duty: Black Ops Now Available Worldwide

This news post is completely unnecessary, but at this moment it’s a slow news day so whatever.  Activision wants the world to know that Call of Duty: Black Ops is now available pretty much on every continent.  This has been standard stuff for the past few years now.  After the Infinity Ward debacle I know a lot of people were left a bit squeamish, but the truth is this is likely going to be the highest selling game of 2010.  So if you’ve already picked it up, let us know what you think of it below.  If you still feel abandoned by what transpired earlier, voice your opinion below.

I’m most certainly going to be picking this one up later this week or early next week to get a review out.  I’ve got a few more big releases to go before I can say this year is over with.  There’s Fallout: New Vegas, Gran Turismo 5, Black Ops, and Bond. I know there’s more, but you get the idea.  So are you ready to answer the Call of Duty?

9 thoughts on “Call of Duty: Black Ops Now Available Worldwide”

  1. I’m probably picking this up tomorrow. I’m still undecided as I have tons of game yet unplayed, (like Fable III) but I really enjoyed the last two Mordern Warfare’s. I’ll probably have this tomorrow.

  2. I thought the last modern warfare was a disappointment. Especially the single player campaign.

    So I’m gonna wait for reviews from sites I trust because this game will receive biased and fanboy BS for sure!

  3. Just gave it a spin. A bit on single player and multiplayer. As someone who has a very limited experience of the series (MW2 being the only one I’ve played extensively), I sort of have mixed feelings on Black Ops. Treyarch’s graphics engine just doesn’t cut it compared to MW2. It’s not bad on its own…it just feels cartoony and not as cinematic. The gun sound effects and explosions don’t look or feel organic. People who loved World at War will certainly love this, but I’m not wowed thus far despite the massive potential. It’s going to take me awhile to appreciate the graphics engine.

  4. Steven, if you play Fable III, create a female character. If you do that, we can get a whole bunch of achievements together. We can even get married *tear* lol.

    This is one game I will likely play on my main profile and not my COE profile like I’ve been doing with several other games. I really enjoy this series, even though I don’t have the time to put in it for multiplayer. I should have mine sometime later this week. I’ve been so busy as of late playing Fallout and just trying to have some kind of a social life that everything else has taken a back seat.

    1. Yeah, man. I was really taken aback by the campaign. Was really expecting immersion in terms of cinematics and soundscape. MW2 flows better in every way, and the gun sounds just pop out of your surround system. Black Ops, on the other hand, despite the interesting storytelling…has guns that sound like pea-shooters and explosions that look weird.

      Let’s hope the multiplayer holds up in the long run. It’s looking good thus far with the amount of customization present, but the engine is bugging me. Why didn’t they use IW’s engine for crying out loud?!

  5. @Ahmed Mosly:

    Methinks that Activision knows that 90% of CoD players go online immediately, so they probably demand less emphasis on the solo campaign. I would even say that for MW2. The variety and pacing were great, but the overall experience was a bit underwhelming.

  6. I do beleive that you need to play these campaigns on veteran for the full experience. It ain’t 5 hours long on veteran.

    Man I can’t wait to play this game. I have have two local stores that carry videogames here, both won’t have it till tomorrow. I could take a drive to the nearest town, but that would take me 2 hours and the habs are playing at 7h30 damm it…

    1. I’m right there with you Steven. The campaigns are made to be played on Veteran. If anyone can complete them in five hours, I’ll literally eat my finger lol.

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