Jump On Time – Spider-Man Hits The Big Time

I haven’t posted my weekly comics, and to be frank, no one has said anything about it.  I suppose it wasn’t really well received.  I’m to blame for this because all I was doing was taking pictures of my weekly comics and posting them.  I barely said boo about each issue.  Well that’s going to change starting right now.  I’m not completely sure how I’m going to proceed from here, but I like this current idea I have.  So here’s the plan.  Whenever a comic series I’m reading has a good jump on point, I’m going to let you know.  If this evolves into something else, great, but if not, well at least I tried.  Marvel and DC will be happy, so at least there’s that.

This week Marvel releases Amazing Spider-Man #648, in which Dan Slott becomes the one and only writer.  The artists will fluctuate, but at least the storyline will be constant throughout the run. This issue sees the start of a brand new arc whereby everything in Peter’s life will change.  After the events of One More Day, Brand New Day and One Moment In Time, Peter finally has a chance at a new status quo, a new career, a new girlfriend, and tons of surprises.  A new Hobgoblin, a new Venom, the return of the original Scorpion, and far more are also making their appearance within the pages of this new arc.

Amazing Spider-Man #648 will be available at comic shops all across North America for $3.99.  If you’re thinking of checking out the new Spider-Man movie, or simply want to find out what the character has been up to, this is the perfect issue to pick up.  Don’t delay for too long as these comics aren’t in high production like years back.

If you do jump on as I’ve suggested, be sure to let me know what you think.  I think this new series of articles could be a great idea for those not sure when to get into particular series.  I plan to do this with all my books so if hero books aren’t your thing, I’m sure I’ll hit something you’re interested in eventually.

9 thoughts on “Jump On Time – Spider-Man Hits The Big Time”

    1. Do you like this new idea Steven? I thought this may be a good idea for those who are interested in these characters but feel a little lost when they see a number as high as 648.

      For anyone reading this, if you’re interested in Spider-Man, this is THE time to get involved with the book. There’s a new status quo, and because of that, the next three to five years will likely be determined within the first few months of this run. It all starts this Wednesday!

    1. I was actually thinking of doing something special for both Cap and Thor once their current arcs are over with. Both titles aren’t quite ready for new readers to jump on, but they will be by the time the movies hit.

    1. That could be pretty cool actually. A Little recap of what happened to Steve Rogers from the end of Civil War to where he’s back in action. That whole story is a bit messed up though lol. Speaking of this topic, I’m kind of interested to see if they make Steve Rogers Captain America again given his movie will be released next year. Personally I’m loving Bucky as Cap.

  1. This is a good idea, Jarrod. I might try the new arc and see if the book can keep me reading this time. I’m not sure tho. The $3.99 price is not to my liking lol

    1. Keep in mind this isn’t just a new arc Timothy, it’s an entirely new direction. This is what I wanted to do with this idea, not just about new arcs but major changes. You should give this a try, you never know if it’ll hook you.

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