Umm…Wow…1,000,000 Black Ops Players Online…Last Night!

In what has to be stunning news, Treyarch’s Josh Olin, tweeted the following statement…

Am I getting solid intel? Is there really almost 1,000,000 players on Xbox LIVE right now??

Nothing too surprising about that, if the numbers were from today…which they aren’t.  They’re actually from a few hours after the midnight launch of the title.  Now that’s pretty shocking.  By this time there could be millions of people online.  Keep in mind this doesn’t include the PC or PS3 versions, which we’re sure sold equally as well.

So how many readers are currently playing Black Ops and are you playing it on the PS3, PC, or the Xbox 360?

7 thoughts on “Umm…Wow…1,000,000 Black Ops Players Online…Last Night!”

    1. I think what surprised me the most was that over a million units were not only moved on one platform, but that these people were already online with it. That’s pretty insane and shows that the multiplayer portion of this series is even more important than the single player campaign.

  1. lol,

    yeah it’s a little surprising. I for one always prefer to beat single player before jumping online.

    Another funny thing to note is that I work for a game testing company and for some reason, there were lots of people that called in sick or came in late today! Hahaha

  2. A lot of people call in sick at my workplace too… humm. I have it fo the 360 and I don’t care for the SP at all lol

  3. Wonderful. The United States unemployment line must have been 1 million stronger on this day. Nothing more invigorating than thinking I’m working for the monthly paycheck of some COD Heads.

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