Kinect Update

I’ve received a surprising amount of emails asking where the *bleep* our Kinect reviews are.  Thanks to Steven (seriously thanks man), we’ve had a few key reviews online since launch.  Since that time Mr. Jarrod here has dropped the ball.  I tried to get a Kinect shortly after launch only to find out they were all sold out.  There’s no point in buying games without the camera, know what I mean?  Anyways, here’s the way things are going to roll out as far as my content is concerned.

*ding dong*

Who could that be?

Umm…thanks O_o  Microsoft came through for us…big time.  Not all is peachy though.  We have just been sent a Kinect, Kinectimals, Dance Central, Kinect Joy Ride and Kinect Sports.  This is on top of the included Kinect Adventures.  That gives me a total five games, three of which have already been reviewed.  Obviously I’ll pump out Joy Ride and Kinectimals reviews ASAP.  That’s not the catch though.  The catch is that this stuff has been sent to us for two weeks.  After that time we have to ship it back to MS so they can pass it around to other journalists.  With any luck, all of this will then be resent my way come early to mid December.  By that time I should have all the other Kinect games I can get my hands on from other companies or simply from buying them myself.

So there you have it.  I’ve got Kinect for the next two weeks so Steven and I will test out some of the multiplayer content and/or Kinect features that he was unable to do on his own.  I’m sorry for any delay with our content, but without Steven we would have had nothing at all.  Ok enough chit chatting, it’s time to work.

2 thoughts on “Kinect Update”

  1. This happens when there’s a lot of demand, it’s not their fault. Often times the parent companies will distribute a couple of units per province, which is the case here. I’m very thankful we were the first ones to get the machine. That means they like us ;)

    I’ve also noticed Kinect has been getting a ton of hype lately in the press. Even mainstream press has been all over this thing. I’ll let you know my final thoughts once I set everything up. I’m also going to time how long it actually takes to set everything up ;)

  2. That’s kinda lame!

    But yeah, looks like Kinect is getting a lot more Hype than Move.

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