Harmonix On The Chopping Block?

This comes as a surprise given all the positive press surrounding Harmonix’s latest game, Dance Central.  Anyways, it appears as though Viacom plans to sell off Harmonix.  They didn’t cite the reason for the move, just that they plan to cut their losses.  We know that music and rhythm games haven’t been selling as well as they once did, but to sell off such a powerhouse in the genre seems like a very ballsy move.  After all, we’re talking about the original creators of Guitar Hero, Rock Band, and the just released Dance Central.  It’s obvious these guys know what they’re doing.

Right now it’s looking like EA will buy them up, or Activision.  Either way, we can guarantee you Harmonix isn’t just going to vanish.

7 thoughts on “Harmonix On The Chopping Block?”

  1. As good as Dance Central is, I’m not expecting it too sell very well. For starters, the Kinect is brand new so it doesn’t have that many owners yet compared to current consoles. Plus, it’s a dance game….

    1. Yeah I don’t think this will sell incredibly well, but it should move dance games in a forward direction. I’ve yet to try this game to see how well it uses the Kinect camera, but from I saw at E3 it looks pretty awesome.

  2. I think things would be a lot different for these music game sales if they just adopted Apple’s iTunes model. Releasing so many unnecessary discs and 150 million peripherals gets old, and that was by about Guitar Hero III.

    1. Yeah that’s been one of my big issues with this genre as a whole. It makes no sense to release a whole other bundle when you’re only going to change the songs, or add one new instrument. How many sets do people have lying around their homes?

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