The Numbers Are In, Black Ops Bigger Than MW2

Activision has revealed the sales of Black Ops for the first 24 hours, and they’re good…very good.  It managed to sell through a staggering 5.6 million units, compared to the measly 4.7 million Modern WarFare 2 brought in.  All joking aside, this is pretty incredible.  MW2 broke virtually every record you could break, and exactly one year later the next game in the series has done the same thing.  Activision has a lot to be proud about and will ensure the milking continues.  Now to be completely fair, I’ve heard Black Ops features an explosive amount of content, making it clear a ton of work was put into the game.  That said, I’m surprised people aren’t tiring from the same tried and true formula.  Ah who am I kidding, I’m going to be right there with all of you once I get off my butt and go buy myself a copy ;)

6 thoughts on “The Numbers Are In, Black Ops Bigger Than MW2”

  1. COD 4 was great, fun and innovative. All titles after it didn’t improve anything. That’s why I hate seeing these big numbers.

  2. These titles are still solid games. And they offer the best online multiplayer experiences you can have. You can say all you want about preferring single player over multiplayer, but after you beat your games, platinum it, you move on. COD fans have been playing MD2 till its release last year. It’s still being played today. That’s a lot of value for 60$.

  3. What is the replayability of games nowadays anyways not much if you don’t count people who go for trophies from what i think games arn’t as complicated or long as they used to be which in my opinion removes the replayability value!!! Nonetheless COD is an awesome game from MW-MW2-WaW-Black ops what great about the new one is the added game types wager matches even training against veteran computers which in my opinion is freakin hard. What i also like about it is the split screen online multiplayer it let’s other people get a feel of the game and not just sit around and wait or take turns with buddies at home! Any fan of a fps should get a copy of this because it will keep you going for the long haul!! The one thing i dislike about the multiplayer is the maps i find they are mostly all small and not to apte for people who like snipers :P!!!!

  4. Sure MP helps replayability. But I’ll bet you 90% of ppl who bought the game went straight to MP and didn’t touch the singleplayer campaign.

    But I just feel like these yearly released games feel like NHL 09, NHL 10, NHL 11.

  5. NHL is a great example. Although I feel COD is more then just a roster update, NHL does have minor improvements from year to year. Still, it’s a kind of game that I play all year long. Well worth 60$ in my book.

  6. I suppose this franchise isn’t quite under the same possible gun as Guitar Hero. A new $60 release every year is more acceptable, and the campaigns/settings are obviously different experiences. Still…I’ve not been as interested in this one, and Ahmed’s brief impressions before concern me. I picked up World at War but didn’t really like it much after long…whereas I loved CoD4 and MW2. I think I’m going to skip on this. *gasp*

    Oh well, I’d rather play GoldenEye, which I have at least :D

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