ZeniMax Slowly Inching Towards Becoming The Next Ubisoft

I’m not sure if you have noticed this or not, but ZeniMax has been making the news a lot lately.  If the name still doesn’t sound familiar, how about id Software, Bethesda, Arkane Studios, or Tango Gameworks?  Surely you’ve heard of one of those companies.  Either way, all of these game companies are owned by ZeniMax.  Today we can add another one to the mix, MachineGames.  They were the developer behind the critically acclaimed and commercially successful Chronicles of Riddick.  ZeniMax has confirmed the group is hard at work on another AAA game set for release sometime in the next year or so.  What makes this move so interesting is that MachineGames now has access to id Software’s id Tech 5 engine, which id Software is using for their Rage game.  I expect some very big things from this new game, that’s for certain.

So do you agree with me that ZeniMax is slowly but surely becoming a powerhouse publisher.  Just look at the talent they have secured.  They have AAA developers who make great shooters and RPGs.  For most of the world, those two genres are all you need.

3 thoughts on “ZeniMax Slowly Inching Towards Becoming The Next Ubisoft”

  1. I think in my humble opinion that they are becoming one of the heavy hitters of this industry, i put them ahead of ubisoft , and on the par of EA and Activision, or even greater than them, darn it ID, bethesda and now machine games i dont know but those are heavy hitters indeed.

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