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  1. Polyphony is just like Blizzard. What is so wrong about making sure the game is good?

    Out of curiosity, do people bitch for Star Craft and Diablo taking too long to release?

  2. @AppetitePat: lol yes they do! Blizzard and Valve now have the reputation of taking there time AND making good games. Even though I have played GT 2,3,4 a lot and really enjoyed them I won’t be getting this one. Lost interest. Black Ops, Starcraft 2 and Minecraft (indie game) should last me until next year at least!

  3. Yeah sadly Blizzard is the laughing stock of the game industry when it comes to release dates. No one really matches them. Take WarCraft III, it was delayed almost 5 years lol. I like bugging Polyphony only because they’re slowly becoming another Blizzard, but at the end of the day if the game is great that’s all that matters.

  4. @Marc-Andre Lacroix:
    You’re gonna miss out dude! Did you look at articles and all the features of the game? Insane dude! The lights, rain/snow effects, engine mileage, running out of gas, used car sold online, go-karts, NASCAR, picture mode, fuck man!

  5. Just so you know Pat, don’t expect a review for GT5 anytime soon. I’m going to have it when you get it, but given there’s SO much content…well…you get the idea. I’m having a hard enough time getting Kinect Joy Ride written up, so yeah……………………..

  6. Well IGN’s review is out. 8.5 is an excellent score but they say something interesting: “Gran Turismo 5 is a 10/10 simulator wrapped up in a 5/10 game” . They did take the assist system from Forza and put in in this game, which is awesome for the beginners out there. But I mostly displeased about the lack of impact on damage done to cars. In Forza, if you rammed into a wall, your call’s handling was greatly affected to a point where you would not be able to win the race anymore, which made it extremely important to drive safely. It’s also sad to see that the AI is still as dumb as ever.

    However, I am curious about this game and thinking about buying it. I had a blast with GT4 and just doing the licenses is always fun. I did play Forza 4 for over 60 hours though, so I’ve had my share of driving sims for a while.

  7. I was more surprised by the fact that not all cars have the same attention to detail. Only 200 out of 1000 have the best and most realistic graphics the PS3 can offer, while the rest of the cars look like updated PS2 models with flat textures and the like. That alone is extremely disappointing. After 6 years of working on one game, they could’ve at least had more than 50% of cars with full PS3 graphics, not a mere 20%.

  8. Details…

    GT’s always been about the physics! And man am I enjoying it! :D

    I don’t know about the car damage yet though. I really don’t like IGN for reviews.

  9. Gotta admit Pat, after trying out the game today over at my friend’s house using the Logitech wheel, I was so impressed. The wheel itself has an internal motor that integrates resistance and handling. So if your car is too slippery or you’re coming in strong on a turn, the motor resists your own handling just like a real car! What’s even a lot more cooler is that each car has a different feel which reflect on the wheel itself…never expected the developers to program the game itself with the wheel. It’s like playing in an arcade but better, but damn it’s challenging.

  10. I have been really enjoying myself too. I understand that we will have to make mention of these facts. Damage is virtually non-existent in this game. I’ve done everything in power to destroy my car and it’s just no happening. As for the 200 models, this is only noticeable while in the photo mode. While racing I never use that view so I didn’t even realize until I heard you guys talking about it. It’s a weird omission to be sure.

    On the flip side, I am really loving the leveling system, the special events and the attention to detail on these 200 cars. My goodness is it insane. The special events range from kart racing to NASCAR, which is awesome. The NASCAR vehicles have real weight to them that you can easily differentiate between all the various models. I love the licenses as always and the basic events. I’m not so sure about B-spec right now, but whatever.

    Overall, it’s kind of a weird game. It’s awesome, has all these great features, modes, etc, but also has some bizarre omissions. It’s almost like it needed another 6 years to finish the 825 car models missing and to perfect the damage system.

  11. @Ahmed

    Yeah man I have a wheel also with the clutch and shifter and it’s amazing! You should definetly try Rally and Karting! Way harder to keep holding your wheel :)

    I get the most fun out of turning every assist to “off”. That’s the real way the car handles and loses traction! Every car is different too!

  12. Yeah that is how you have to play Pat. I remember going over to a friend’s place when Forza 3 was just released and he was unlocking achievements like crazy. I just couldn’t understand how he was always coming in first place when it appeared he was barely even playing. Then I realized he had a ton of assists on. The same is true for GT. I’m all for them for new players, but they should disable achievements and trophies ;)

  13. Hahahaha,

    Well if you put all assists on you might as well find yourself an arcade racer…

  14. @Steven

    I just read that the damage system only starts taking effect at lvl 20 in career mode. And that at lvl 40 the mechanical damage kicks in. It’s supposed to be pretty impressive!

    Btw, Jarrod might be interested in this, I just bought myself a new subwoofer (my receiver can take 2) that can seek out lower frequencies than my older one. But the main point of this story is that my old one is now directly behind my couch and makes the couch shake as the subwoofer takes action!

    The sounds are so realistic in the game, so take a car that rumbles a lot while idle (Camaro) and the couch shakes from it! So sweeet!

  15. The sub itself was 300$ at 50% off!

    Man, I hear the cars crashing into me from behind in my rear speakers, feel the bumb in my back and the wheel gives a thug to make me lose control!

    So fun! :D

  16. I heard the same thing Pat, that damage begins at level 20, and progressive greatly at level 40. It would appear that many who reviewed the game didn’t play very long ;) This is why our review won’t be out until good old Justin Simson has had more than enough time with it. It’s why our Black Ops review isn’t online yet. We want to experience the full game before we get the review out. That being said, I have three reviews just about ready to go including Sly Collection, the latest God of War and Kinectimals. Good times ;)

    As for the sub, that ‘sounds’ awesome ;) Give me the details.

  17. It’s a good thing to take your time with reviews sometimes. Look at how many reviews said that the damage in GT5 was non-existent and led everyone to believe that!

    Oh yeah man my 2 subs are not just for gaming you know :)
    I just watched The Expendables last night and the whole apartment was shaking when there were explosions going on!

  18. I’m glad you feel the same way. Justin is working his way through the game now and I’m sure he’ll have a review up in a timely manner. The same is true for Black Ops. I’m going to put pressure on Steven later this week, just as he is bugging me for Kinectimals. Don’t even ask about Sly Collection and Ghost of Sparta ;)

  19. Be sure that I am getting as much out of the game as I can before putting up a proper review. There is a ton of content the game offers and I want to make sure I see enough of it before I can deliver an accurate review. I am the resident racing expert, after all ;)

  20. Indeed you are. I have read so many reviews that have talked about GT as if they haven’t fully experienced the game. I really want to hear your final word once you have gone through and played enough that you feel confident in your final say. The same is true for Steven and Black Ops, although at this point he’s just being an achievement whore ;)

  21. @Jarrod Nichol: Hah, I’m just as bad. I almost have all the achievements for Hot Pursuit. What’s even better is that most of the games I got all the achievements for are racing games.

  22. Most of the time I won’t get achievements or trophies for online deathwatch stuff. I’ve just never been into that for some reason. Everything else though is fair game :)

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