Commercial Flashback #4: Mario Pushes the Borders of Flamboyancy

I believe that the bulk of the gaming community would mint the typical daisy-picking sing-a-long advertisement a fail. By all means, a gigantic fail. But what do you call a commercial so sickeningly cutesy that it could leap out of the screen and wink a rainbow at you, instantaneously decreasing the circumference of your testicles? Well, first let’s try to endure the blurb itself:

Okay, so you’ve now beheld the seventh dimension of cute and we can conclude that it makes PokePark look like Schindler’s List. We can’t shovel the ad off as cleverly concealed eroticism since that would be crude thing to do, but is there any other feasible excuse to which we can ground its existence?

Perhaps this lame marketing scheme was one of several reasons why Super Mario Sunshine failed to match the commercial success of Super Mario 64 (although Nintendo still pushed approximately 5.5 million copies to consumers; an impressive feat on the Gamecube). I honestly don’t see what demographic this ad might appeal to. Butterflies, maybe?

As far as the game itself is concerned, I thought that Super Mario Sunshine was excellent even though it didn’t quite live up to its legendary predecessor. Then again, Galaxy didn’t resonate with me like the original 3D Mario adventure did either. Regardless, mark my words: this commercial was made by people bred purely on Franklin story books and the belief that they were brought into this world by storks wearing adorable Postman Pat hats. What went wrong, Nintendo?

10 thoughts on “Commercial Flashback #4: Mario Pushes the Borders of Flamboyancy”

  1. Wow, I was a pretty active gamer back in those days and never caught that commercial. I’m glad I did as that surely didn’t help with Nintendo’s kiddy image back in the Gamecube days.

    1. Yeah I’m right there with you Steven. I can’t believe I never saw that before. Charles, major props man. This is the first commercial you’ve shown that I actually haven’t seen before. That’s not an easy thing to do given I’m such a loser…err…hardcore gamer ;)

  2. Lol man that is great! The entire commercial is… I don’t even have a word for it but my favorite part I have to say is the random picture / collage of the not so good looking GAMECUBE ON A ROCK!

    I would not have wanted a Gamecube had I seen that back in the day lol Manly machine that cube

  3. @ Marc-Andre: It’s true, we all know that manliness comes in only one colour: purple.

    @ AppetitePat: Shockingly, this one got the green light here in North America. As to how exactly it got approved, we may never know (or want to know).

    @ Jarrod: I’m glad I was able to bring new light into your life. :P

  4. This commercial would have been like Kryptonite to any Nintendo fanboy who wanted to defend his purple lunchbox against the hordes of Xbox and PS2 lovers out there.

    Don’t get me wrong, I love the ‘Cube.

    Now if you’ll excuse me, I must take a chemical shower. I also have a strange desire to perform community service…

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