HD Prince of Persia & Splinter Cell Get Collected

Ubisoft had one interesting financial report.  Inside the company revealed all the money they’ve made, and yada yada yada.  I know none of you actually care about that stuff.  What may interest you is that they also revealed the HD Prince of Persia Collection with the target platform as “PSN.”  No word on whether this will hit the Xbox Live Arcade or not, but I doubt it given the size limitations associated with Live.  Later on Ubisoft head honcho Yves Guillemot said they plan to do the exact same thing with the first three Splinter Cell games.

If you’ve got yourself a PS3 and are looking to play six excellent games remastered in HD, well…now you know what’s coming your way before the end of the year.  I’ll update the story with more concrete info once I have it.

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  1. Gamecube discs if I recall held about 1.5 gb and all those games fit so its not that big compared to an hd movie lol

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