Gears of War…Kinect?

IGN has a really good rumor up suggesting that Epic Games will be making a Gears of War for Kinect.  Does that mean simply an extension to Gears of War 3?  We honestly have no idea.  I put a few feelers out and no one is talking.  A few people say that Microsoft won’t allow Kinect to simply become a casual and family-friendly add-on.  We all know those don’t typically sell as well as what the core audience wants.  Regardless of what happens this is a very interesting rumor.  Would you be interested in using your whole body to play something like Gears?  Let us know!

8 thoughts on “Gears of War…Kinect?”

  1. I Hope thats not why they decided to push the release date further to make it kinect compatible :S. Altho i’m sure kinect is an great experience i would rather play gow 3 with a controler when it comes too a shooter and if they make it kinect compatible that its only optional!!!! I’m a big fan of gow and i just like the feel of using a controler. crouching behind structures, looking up aiming even running i don’t think it would make a great experience for it not for online multiplayer anyways lol

  2. I still maintain that shooters work better with controllers. There are so many buttons these days, you need to be fast just to compete in a game of cod. Anyhow, I hope and assume this will be an optional mode in Gears of War 3.

  3. Yeah I really don’t see a shooter with Kinect. But I would love for the good of the gaming community that they can make this work out!

    1. Exactly right Pat, nobody said this was for GoW 3. For all we know this could be an entirely different project. If this is just a tacked on add-on for GoW 3, I doubt very much it will sell Kinect units to the hardcore market. The only way something like that would happen is if Epic said “let’s create a completely original and unique Gears of War built from the ground up with Kinect in mind.” It wouldn’t necessarily have to be a shooter either.

  4. I’m a super hardcore gears player and I think kinect would be great to play gears of war on I just want to kno how it would work to turn around/ look behind you… once that’s figured out the gameplay could come out fun kinect is pretty accurate with moving so don’t see any gameplay problems.

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