Here’s Your PSP2 Dev Kit…

So let’s get this story straight.  VG247 has the first leaked pictures from the PSP2 dev kit.  They’ve been told the unit is based on an earlier model and that final model more closely resembles that of the original PSP.  Here are the pictures.

Clearly the PSP2 dev kit is a time traveling beast as these pictures appear to have been taken with a camera from 1965…or maybe even earlier.  From what VG247 has been told the system will not include a touch screen as previously reported, but will retain the power of the PS3/Xbox 360, and will indeed include two analog sticks.  That means first person shooters will finally be playable on the go.  It seems really bizarre that Sony wouldn’t add a touch screen, but then again, what’s this whole trackpad thing we’re seeing here?


4 thoughts on “Here’s Your PSP2 Dev Kit…”

  1. Yeah this is weird… How is the quality that bad? If it were true they’d probably get cought and sued by SONY for sure.

  2. Yeah I don’t know what to think. I’ve been told so many stories about this thing that I just don’t know what to believe anymore. If there are dev kits out there, and everyone seems to know of this machine then the only thing holding Sony back has to be the right time to announce and release it. So again, what exactly are they witting for? The release of the 3DS?

  3. @Jarrod Nichol:

    They know there’s a lot of hype around the 3DS, so I don’t think it would matter when they would speak up. They should soon though, since the 3DS is scheduled for Q1 2011, though I wouldn’t doubt a Q3/Q4 delay ;)

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