Happy Birthday Xbox 360

It was five years ago today that Microsoft launched the Xbox 360.  It was exactly 24 hours later that people started complaining about the red ring of death…and yet here we are, five wonderful years later.  We had some questionable launch titles with Kameo and Perfect Dark Zero, but eventually made up for that with some truly spectacular games like Gears of War, Mass Effect and numerous others.

Happy Birthday old friend.

I’m sure you all have impressive gamerscores to show off, or tales of the mighty white wonder.  If you’re anything like us, you likely don’t have your original launch 360 anymore.  We’ve gone through over a dozen consoles to date, but thanks to the Slim it would appear those days are behind us.  So let’s get to all the storytelling.  What’s your favorite 360 memory?  Are you still rocking your system as often as you used to?  What do you think of the advances made to Live?

Let us know!

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  1. Ooops, I meant to click on “more” and I clicked on 2 stars by mistake… Sorry ’bout that.

    Hehehe, I kinda forgot that people would witness their console get the red ring of death within their first play.

  2. I bought mine in 2007 and my first game was played the ps1 classic SOTN! lol And then I played a shit load of Halo 3 with Steven here ha ha.

  3. I have never seen that famous Red Ring, however, my 360 broke 2 times so I’m now on my 4th one (sold my 3rd one after getting the new slim model). At the time where I was mainly playing Playstation 2 classics, this beast came along and we have since been best friends. X-Box live is something I can’t go without now. Not just the online experience, but the overall interface, how you can connect with your friends with a click of a button, compare stats, or simply just use it for talking to a friend instead of wasting precious long distance minutes, it does it all.

    I can’t really recall one memory. I have many. I think Oblivion was the first game I ever “platinumed”. Table Tennis is still one of my favourite X-Box Live games out there. I think I had a 32 game winning streak when I stopped playing. One of the rare games where I was unbeatable at the time. Gears of War was something too, one that I shared with our own hungry pat here. I think I just got my favourite memory. When Jarrod and I played Gears for 9 straight hours on Live to complete it on the hardest difficulty. What an epic session! If it wouldn’t have been for Jarrod’s mad skills, we would have never got through that cart tunnel section…

  4. My mad skills eh. I think my personal favorite memory also comes from that session where Steven said something to the effect of “do you even have your eyes open?” There was this one part where a dude would jump down right in front of the cart and I had to shoot him at the right time. Steven could do it in two seconds, but it took me over an hour for some reason. To this day I have no idea why that was, but the experience was simply amazing.

    For me, I was pretty sure the PS3 was going to come out and bomb the 360 out of the water. When the 360 launched there really wasn’t anything too interesting available for some time. I mean I was one of the few who actually enjoyed Kameo, but I found PD lacking…big time. Things started to turn around when I picked up Fight Night Round 3, and surprisingly Call of Duty 2. I even got to meet one of the founders of Infinity Ward here in Montreal during the Montreal International Game Summit. That was really something. Hearing the dude speak about all the power for the 360, and then show off the first “gold” press of the game running on the 360 dev kit was amazing. After that the experience just went up and up. I continued to love my PS3 because I am a huge audio video fan, and Blu-ray > all.

    Today I use my 360 as my main console for all my third party games. I am mainly online whenever I have nobody at my house or I don’t want to be bugged by my online pals, Steven excluded. He’s too funny for me to ignore lol. Mt PS3 is used for all its exclusive titles and for movie playback. I never thought that would happen, but Live is the one reason why this happened. Pretty amazing how things turned out actually.

    You know what else amazes me, that Steven still called Xbox Live X-Box Live, and Xbox…X-Box. I used to do the same until I realized it’s actually called the Xbox. You got that Steve?!?! ;)

    Alrighty, I think I’ve covered that lol. Next year at the PS3’s birthday, I’ll go on and on about MGS4 and Uncharted, but until then I’m going to head off to play more Black Ops on my Slim 360 :)

  5. Actually ol man, what I said was : “Are you even aiming?”. To this day, I still don’t know the answer to that question.

    It will forever remain X-Box in my heart! lol

  6. I don’t believe you :-P That’s pretty amazing. Now take no offense by this, but do you use the machine often? If you play it at least once a day and you’re still gaming on your original console then that’s an accomplishment and you could probably sell it on eBay as a collector’s item. ;)

  7. @Steven

    Naming conventions my friend. Microsoft would have you burn and then die just for writting it that way!

  8. I don’t mean to knock on the machine, but it’s pretty hilarious to think that the PS3 would already be light years ahead of the 360 if half the consumer market didn’t choose to buy more than one because of all the hardware problems ;)

    Seems deliciously ironic that a system that dies so much is celebrating a ‘birthday’.

  9. @Justin Joseph:
    ha ha true, I have no numbers in front of me but look at the number of games sold per console… make it per working console if you like lol and you’ll get a very different picture of the console wars… Include the wii even if you like.

    Bottom line is, a lot of ps3’s are just blu-ray players sitting there not doing much else. The wii well… ya I won’t even go there. Devs develop a multiplatform game first for the 360/PC and then port it to the ps3 most times. Why? Games sell a lot more on that system than any other, they want to make sure the game is at least ready for that system on time, it’s the system that matters most to them. Plus the ps3 is a bit harder to develop for but I am sure that is not the main reason why.

    By the way none of what I said is fact. No research done. Just an thought.

  10. Like Justin, I’m not really in the mood to celebrate the 360’s birthday because the system is so freakin’ unreliable. Perhaps they finally got it right with the slimline 360s, but five years to fix up a flaw? That’s just not right.

    My 3rd 360 is in the verge of breaking down, not by the RROD…but another common problem; the disc drive has stopped reading DVDs. I’ve only had it for 2 years. What the hell? See, this is the reason why I buy most of my third-party games on the PS3.

  11. Ahmed, you have a point. However, I’d like to mention that the PS3 has been as unreliable to me as the 360 was. 1 year after I got mine, it broke completely and the cost of replacing a PS3 is way more then a 360. So in my mind, consoles are BS with there 1 year guarantee. When you buy something over 300$ (or 200), it should be expected to work for its full lifetime period. I think that 1% of the time, it will be the fault of the owner who mistreats it, but 99% of console owners take care of there shit in my mind. The things are so expensive that you are gonna make sure it’s well taken care of.

  12. Your PS3 only broke that one time, Steven? Not more after replacing it, right? That’s just really bad luck from your end because generally the PS3 doesn’t have as much issues as the 360 in terms of overheating . If you ask most early 360 buyers, almost all of them broke down. I highly doubt that anyone owns a working launch 360 model. That’s the big difference. With the PS3, failure rates are generally low and it’s not uncommon to find people with working launch PS3 systems nowadays. I think you’re the only one out of our site with bad luck regarding the PS3. Most of us who own launch models or early ones don’t have much issues. With the 360, however, all of us had failures. All of us.

    But yeah, I do agree with you on the general quality of current-gen consoles. They’re generally unreliable. Even the Wii, which is the best console built due to lack of power, has issues with firmware updates.

  13. No I agree that the 360 is generally less reliable then then PS3. My 360 broke for the first time after 3 years…. most games would jam after 5-10 minutes of gameplay so I sent it in. Cost me 100$. Was pissed off, but it’s nothing compared to the 250$ I would have had to spend for my PS3, which I ended buying a new slim one instead. My 360 did break a second time about a year after, and then it cost me 150$ for some reason.

    My PS3 I had for only a year, but barely used it at the time. It sucked as I was getting into Uncharted 2 and the new Ratchet and Clank at the time, never got to finish them because of this. So from personal experience, both are as unreliable. I know I’m a minority here, but when you’re screwed and have to spend 300$ on a new system, when you recently bought one for 250….. its not exactly a memorable experience.

  14. From my personal experience the PS3 has been the most reliable machine. I haven’t had a single issue *knock on wood* I’ve gone through my share of 360s, and I treat my consoles better than almost anyone alive. I clean them daily, and give sacrifices to the console kings and queens of yesterday to keep my consoles safe. I know what Steven’s talking about and naturally I would feel the same way. I also know exactly what you’re talking about Ahmed. See it all boils down to this, when something we own and use gets taken away, it sucks! This generation has been horrible for these problems and I’m really hoping that when it comes time to enter the next generation we don’t have to go through this all over again.

  15. @Steven

    Wasn’t your PS3 issue just a Bluray drive failure? That it wouldn’t read discs anymore? That was a really simple fix! You could’ve bought a broken ylod PS3 for cheap and swap the Bluray drive. That simple!

    The problem is the SONY support tech is a ridiculous system and ends up costing 250$ for wich ever broken reason you have.

  16. Man, forget all this nonsense, I’m celebrating the Super Nintendo’s 20th birthday. :p SNES represent!

    In all seriousness though, I still love my 360, lol. My dad picked one up at launch and that served as the unit our whole family would use. Down the road, it broke and we had to get a replacement, only at the time the Microsoft representative claimed our warranty expired and wouldn’t honor it (he was wrong, and a few months down the road another guy finally listened and sent us a replacement). I got the replacement from my dad and my brother bought his own 360 (an Elite). Early on, I remember spending a lot of time with Elder Scrolls IV Oblivion and then Dead Rising and Lost Odyssey. The system has taken off for me a lot since then and there are many games I love for the system. I tend to alternate a lot between my Wii, 360, and PS3 and usually switch which one I play frequently.

    I’ve never had any issue with my Wii or PS3 yet, they’ve both been really reliable. But none of the current-gen systems have anything on the ol’ SNES. :p

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