Bethesda Hard At Work On Elder Scrolls V?

According to a Eurrogamer rumor, Bethesda is hard at work on The Elder Scrolls V, which will be a direct sequel to IV.  That’s about all we have to go on.  Instead of posting one sentence news, I figured to offer you a little trip down memory lane.  Can you believe this was the first Elder Scrolls?

Talk about sexy, no?  We’ve come a long way in 16 years.  Wow, I can’t believe it’s been so long.  Here’s a pic of Oblivion to refresh your memory.

One can only imagine what V will be like.  This is one game we’re likely to hear about at next year’s E3.  Until then, sit back and tell us your favorite moments from the Elder Scrolls series.

8 thoughts on “Bethesda Hard At Work On Elder Scrolls V?”

    1. I played a BIT of Arena, but my first real jump into the series was with Daggerfall. Now that was something. I played Morrowind and naturally Oblivion. I’m very excited to hear any news about a direct sequel to Oblivion.

  1. Oblivion was the only Elder Scrolls game I ever had the chance to play, and I thought it was amazing (though it only ran moderately well on my PC). Super stoked about this. Absolutely loved the wealth of complex side quests in Oblivion. Oddly enough, it reminded me of the joy I experienced playing through the side quests in Majora’s Mask… but on steroids.

    1. From what I hear the game is extremely far along, might even make it to next holiday season. If that’s the case, that would make for one awesome Christmas. I don’t want to get too excited though. Either way we should have some hands on at E3 this year. You know it’s going to be ubber packed like it was this year.

  2. I never played Oblivion because it was an MMO but offline lol Maybe I should give the game a chance one day tho

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