EyePet (PSP) Review

EyePet (Available on PS3 and PSP)
ESRB Rating: E
Players: 1
Genre: Virtual Pet
Publisher: SCEA
Developer: SCE London Studio
Release Date: November 2nd, 2010
PSP Camera Required

Parent Talk: EyePet is a virtual pet care simulator.  It’s cute, cuddly and furry.  Would you expect this to be offensive in any way, shape or form?  If so, I believe you’re reading the wrong review.

Occasionally I receive fan mail asking for a review.  What you’re reading is one such case.  I was astonished.  I figured people would be emailing to ask us where our Black Ops review is, or maybe if we knew any inside info on GT5.  Nope, it’s EyePet that gets you people moving.  I’ve almost completely given up on the internet.

The Good:

+ The “pet home” allows players to put their pet to sleep, feed and groom them, and even choose their style.  There’s not much more to it though.  Everything else requires you to join the real world, which can be scary.

The Bad:

– No interaction.  I’ve heard nothing but positive things about EyePet for PS3.  You can pat your animal thanks to the PlayStation Eye camera.  You can draw pictures and scan them into the game world, and so much more.  Here on PSP, you can’t do much of anything.  There are challenges and events for you to participate in, but the action is strictly hands-off.  How’s that charming?  In order for your pet to come alive, you must use the included PSP Camera and a “magic” card.  The camera interprets the card, and presto, your cute friend is ready for you to…watch.

– Am I playing Kinect or PSP?  Many challenges require the card to be placed at a certain distance from the camera.  It’s incredible how much space some of these games require in order to function properly.  I tried several different ones and only managed to have a few work as intended.  Add this problem to the fact that this is a portable game and…well…it’s not good.  EyePet should have remained a PS3 exclusive.  Its design doesn’t work with the PSP.  Imagine telling someone on a city bus to kindly move so you can place a card down on the seat across.  After that you scream at the driver to stop the bus so you can have a little fun watching your play thing tackle a new event.  Right, I see that happening.

The Lowdown:

EyePet is clearly aimed at the younger crowd, but sadly even kids wouldn’t find much fun here.  If you own a PS3, I highly recommend checking that version out.  EyePet is meant for the big screen.  Younger gamers light up as they interact with their creation.  That doesn’t happen here, so no matter how cute our little fella is, the appeal wears off within a half hour.  I appreciate the PSP support, but EyePet doesn’t belong on it.  Thanks for the reader-mail all the same.

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