Black Ops Debuts At #1 In Japan!

Now this is news Activision can be very proud of.  Call of Duty: Black Ops has debuted in the number one position for the week of its release.  It sold 128,922 on the PS3, and 30,279 on the Xbox 360.  The 360 version came in at number seven.  It should be noted that this was the only 360 game to crack the top ten, even though this was Kinect’s Japanese launch week as well.

Congrats Activision, your quest for world domination is now complete.

7 thoughts on “Black Ops Debuts At #1 In Japan!”

  1. Woooo! A whopping 200,000 copies cross platform! They’re really eating up the shooter! Hahaha

  2. To be fair, this is pretty impressive given this genre averages 9,000 units. Even really big releases have a hard time pushing 50,000. A few manage to get 100,000, but that’s exceedingly rare. This genre just isn’t for them for whatever reason. So 200,000 is a pretty big deal for them, but yeah in our eyes that’s nothing compared to the madness we have. They sell 254iu87(_o copies. That’s right 254iu87(_o copies!

  3. In Call of Duty related news, I just polished off Veteran. Like Steven said to me earlier, it is extremely easy compared even to Modern Warfare 2. I think I’ll finish a few more achievements before getting more involved with GT5. I’ve never been addicted to the online portions because I get my butt handed to me and it gets annoying as well. I’m talking CoD here by the way. So I’ll just do what I can, and then it’s GT5 time!

  4. Your right about being a big number for them but a lot of titles beat this easily on a single console. It’s nothing close to breaking records over there. But it is here.

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