What’s Your Biggest Disappointment And Surprise Of 2010?

With 2010 all but over with in terms of AAA game releases, I wanted to ask…

What’s your biggest gaming disappointment of 2010?  Were you completely let down by Final Fantasy XIII, did Gran Turismo 5‘s damage system leave you questioning the 214 year development cycle?  Were you disKinected?  Did Move only move you to tears?  We want to know!

We’re also interested in your biggest gaming surprise of 2010.  Did you adore everything I just mentioned above?  Were you floored by just how awesome Mass Effect 2 was, or were you just shocked by how well Assassin’s Creed Brotherhood came together?  Maybe EyePet was your new love interest.  Tell us!

I suppose I can get the ball rolling.  Without giving any thought to this at all, because that’s how I roll, here are a few things that spring to mind.

Jarrod’ Biggest Disappointment of 2010:

Please don’t hate the player, hate the game.  My biggest disappointment this year has to be the Wii.  While not a game, I just haven’t played the system at all.  Call it what you will, but I think I played only 10 hours on the system all year long, if that.  Sure I played at friends’ homes, but in terms of personal use…I haven’t touched it.  It’s not because of the lack of software, that much I can tell you.  There were some amazing games released on the Wii this year, as all of you can attest to.  I think it has more to do with the lack of a trophy/achievement system.  I find both my PS3 and 360 are my go-to consoles.  I’m currently going through GT5 on my PS3, and Black Ops on my 360.  I just finished Black Ops, but still have almost 500 gamer points to go.  For GT I’ve got tons left to do.  I never would be this hooked if it weren’t for these different rewarding system.  So yeah, I haven’t used the Wii all year long and if that’s not disappointing I don’t know what is, because I really wanted to use it.  I’m dying to play DKCR, but in its current state, that will never happen. I’m pretty sure I’m going to have people hate me for this one.

Jarrod’s Biggest Surprise of 2010:

I’m sure you guys will come up with something awesome here, but just off the top of my head one of the biggest surprises I can think of is Kinect.  It actually works!  I know a lot of people have hated it because some games have delay issues, and it takes 480 feet of space in order to play it, but hot damn does it works!  I have been having a blast playing games that I normally wouldn’t touch with a forty foot pole.  Games like Dance Central for example.  That would never be for me and yet here I am playing it like a fool.  I enjoyed my time with Sony’s Move, but forever reason I haven’t played too many games with it.  It’s like this; most Move-enabled games give me the option to use the Move or the traditional controller.  I almost always use the controller because I feel more at home.  It’s one of the reasons why I don’t use the Wii as much…I think.  So without going on and on, Kinect has really surprised me in a way I didn’t think it would.  I wasn’t horribly impressed during the trade shows and other public hands-ons I had, but when I brought it home everything changed.

Now it’s your turn.  What was a big disappointment to you, and a surprise.  I’ll likely chime in again adding in comments to whatever you guys add.  Let’s get to it!

8 thoughts on “What’s Your Biggest Disappointment And Surprise Of 2010?”

  1. My biggest disappointment? Final Fantasy XIII. I was extremely let down by the game. I don’t think the term “ok” should ever be acceptable for the Final Fantasy series, and XIII just did not cut it at all. Putting aside the fact that the gameplay was extremely linear (which may not even be bad in some cases), it just wasn’t that good. The visuals are pretty and the music is nice, but that should not be enough. What happened to the glory days when Square-Enix could do no wrong? What about the days when they produced amazing, top-tier RPGs back to back, like Chrono Trigger, FF4, 5, and 6, Secret of Mana/Evermore, etc? The battle system in XIII was not very enjoyable to me either and I just couldn’t get into the story. I didn’t finish the game and don’t expect I ever will. This year kind of disappointed me for great RPGs in general, aside from Mass Effect 2 (and a few surprises here and there, like 3D Dot Game Heroes and Arc Rise Fantasia). Fallout New Vegas feels just “good” to me, nothing really special–it’s extremely buggy too, which is just unacceptable. Resonance of Fate is practically broken. Fable 3 is a great game, but I just didn’t get into it all that much again, and I feel as though the series has yet to reach the lofty heights Peter Molyneux claims it would.

    My biggest surprise this year? The 3DS announcements. I haven’t been so psyched for new hardware in awhile, I just can’t wait. The software lineup is just phenomenal–Street Fighter IV, Resident Evil Revelations (which looks like a return to old-school survival horror), Mega Man Legends 3, Phoenix Wright vs. Professor Layton, Kid Icarus Uprising…can’t wait! Give me this thing now!

    As a close runner up, Marvel vs. Capcom 3–I am SO happy this game is being made.

  2. Well, for me it goes back to early in the year.

    My biggest disappointment has already been told by Tim lol. FF XIII has let me down and I can’t add anything that Tim hasn’t said already. He pretty much said exactly what I though.

    My biggest surprise is God Of War III.
    God damn that was a fun game! From start to finish! Cleaning up the rest of the gods and greek characters was a blast! You would practicly kill a god every 30 mins haha! Man I didn’t even mention the graphics and audio for that game yet! It was so grand!

    Runner ups:
    -Disappointing slow summer for releases.
    -Heavy Rain was also very excellent and original. Only game I sat through and beat in 2 days this year. (with my girlfriend watching every bit of it)

  3. Biggest Disappointment: Not really sure. I could put FFXIII in here. I could put Crackdown 2 here too. Having to buy a new PS3 also, but that has nothing to do with the subject. Lost Planet 2 also, but I didn’t play it so I can’t put it here. You know what, even though it’s still a great game, I think I’m gonna go with Spiderman here. Shattered Dimensions was one of my most anticipated games of all year and it didn’t even come close to match my expectations.

    Biggest Surprise: Mass Effect 2. I knew the game would be awesome. I didn’t expect it to be the single greatest interactive videogame experience I would ever play. It did what no other game did before, make a 100% sequel. What I mean is that everything you did in ME1 was in ME2, The fact that 100 people can play ME1 and none will have the same results should tell you how impressive that was. PS3 fans should mark January 31 on their calendar.

    Honorable Mention: Limbo.

  4. Great stuff guys and I agree with just about everything you guys picked. God of War was excellent, Mass Effect 2 was fantastic, and the 3DS announcements have been stunning. While I haven’t played FFXIII that alone should tell you everything you need to know. Square-Enix needs to rethink their strategy for the franchise. They simply can’t compete alongside all the big boy RPGs out there from North America. Wow I never though I would say that.

  5. My biggest disappointment is the fact I don’t have a big enough living room to play kinect…

    Biggest surprise: Minecraft. This game looks so bad that it looks …good? To give you guys a bit of context watch this funny song that shows you a bit of what you can do :) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vIhs8_m5qPc

    Its more of a hobby or playing lego (with mobs that try and kill you) almost than a game. There is no goal really, use your imagination and have fun. Star trek fans prepare to wet your pants. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kn2-d5a3r94&feature=related

    But what is the best thing about this game? The possibilities are endless. The potential is FREAKING HUGE. Worlds are randomly generated and can be about 8 TIMES the surface area of the EARTH before running into problems. Add multiplayer and voila, the en of the world as we know it :) Whatch this chill video of someone going really far on a minecart it’s pretty. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=asImTDkPWKA&feature=player_embedded

    The one guy who created this game put the rough code together in 10 days. It’s still in alpha development stage but the community behind it is strong and growing. Everyone wants in this game, valve for example paid for Notch (the creator, lives in Sweden) to go visit them at their HQ in the US. Other publishers are at his knees too. This is one game you will hear about in a few years.

    Here is my server if anyone wants to try it out and build stuff or just explore…

  6. Oh and runner up to surprise of the year is Starcraft 2…

    can someone pls moderate/accept my previous comment lol?

    BTW my server isn’t always on but message me if you want in and I’ll turn it on.
    P.S. Notch is coming out with some big updates this week. YAY!

  7. I completely forgot about Minecraft. Several people I know have become completely obsessed with that game ever since it launched. It’s pretty amazing to see what some people have done, and somewhat disturbing to see others O_o

    Sorry about the other comment Mal. I’m not sure why that happens from time to time. I think it has something to do with addig URLs into the comments.

  8. Biggest disappointment: definitely Final Fantasy XIII. Echoing all the comments seen here, I also expected a much more polished and engrossing game. The only decent thing about it, the battle system, can’t hold it up for 60 hours.

    Biggest surprise: tough one. Gotta say Dead Rising 2 because I’m typically not into these kind of games. If more sandbox games were designed like this I would jump ship.

    Runners-up: Limbo and Super Meat Boy. Insanely good platformers, especially the latter. SMB is so brutal though. You need to give yourself a break from playing it from time to time because the difficulty will get to you.

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