Project COE Giveaway – Epic Mickey!

It’s that time of the year when we look back at all our loyal readers and decide it’s time to give something back.  We gave out Halo Reach and Crackdown 2 already, but today we’re giving away something really special to our Nintendo fans…

Like before the details are really simple.  Leave one and only one comment and a winner will be randomly selected.  I’ll be announcing the winner on Friday afternoon.  The contest deadline is Friday at 12:01AM, or Thursday at Midnight if you prefer.  I only have one copy to give away so be sure to move fast!

Be sure to tell your friends about this one as it’s our first Nintendo giveaway.  As I promised before, we’ll have more to giveaway in the New Year.

Good luck everyone!

17 thoughts on “Project COE Giveaway – Epic Mickey!”

  1. This game alongside with little king story are the best third party games on the wii, and maybe two of the best overall game on the system. period, both games are worth owning a wii for.

  2. Hi, this game looks pretty good. I saw some previews of the game and it caught my attention. I enjoy reading your reviews on you site I find it very informative and always help full when I want to purchase a new game.

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