Halo Remake First Title By New Halo Developer?

In-between Black Ops zombie sessions (damn those two achievements!), I had just enough time to whip up this story.  It’s starting to sound as though the first title to be developed by the new Halo makers (343 Industries), will be a remake of Halo: Combat Evolved.  1Up is my source for the rumor, but it seems like a logical move considering the ongoing success of the series.  All the rumor suggests is that the remake will be released in late 2011 followed by Halo 4 in 2012.  Microsoft has said before they wanted to release one Halo a year to mimic the success of Call of Duty.  Obviously we have no clue if this rumor holds any weight, but I thought it was interesting just the same.  Would you be interested in a Halo remake already?

13 thoughts on “Halo Remake First Title By New Halo Developer?”

    1. It makes sense for them to do this because they can milk an already established game. I too am not interested in this. I really enjoy my memories of Halo as they are. Let’s also remember that it wasn’t too long ago that we experienced it. Are we supposed to get remakes for games only a decade old?

  1. Well it will be good for them short term, but not long term. Once a series start making remakes, some will view it as if the better days (of the series) were in the past.

  2. I’m really not sure what they’re thinking. In one way you can ensure a cash cow by having yearly releases, but with Call of Duty there are two different teams working on the series, not just one. How this is going to work is beyond me. Speaking of Halo, you really need to finish off Reach man.

  3. I would say that it’s ok. Look at the God of War Collection. Those were two PS2 games rereleased in HD with Trophies on one disc for 40$. It works!

    If they make it HD, add achievements and sell it on disc for 20$, it’ll sell!

    1. Ok so we’re all on the same page here. An HD remastered version would fly no problem, but an all out remake requiring millions of dollars to develop would be absolutely ridiculously. Glad we cleared that up ;)

  4. I agree with the re-release route. Offer it as a digital download or on a disc (maybe package Halo 1 and 2 together)? Add achievements, bump up the resolution, maybe throw in some extra content, and it’ll sell a lot.

    A full remake would just cost more money and wouldn’t be worth it. The game still holds up well visually even now.

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