Jump In – Fantastic Four #587

On January 3rd, 2011 Marvel will be ending The Fantastic Four, the first Marvel superhero team.  Whatever happens in Fantastic Four #587 it will mark the end of the illustrious group.  It also marks the perfect jump on point for new readers.  While it will conclude the current 3 storyline, new readers need not have read the previous books in the current arc.  Think of it like Superman #75 from the 90s.  No one needed to have read the rest of the Doomsday books, but they needed to read that one polybagged book.  The same holds true here.  FF #587 will also come polybagged which hasn’t happened since the early 2000s.  Here’s a look at the book below.

Starting with issue 588 the title will be officially renamed The Fantastic Three.  While Marvel has attempted this in the past, they have never gone after all the media attention this current arc has been receiving.  I already have my three copies ordered, do you?  If not, this is one book you should look into come January.  Did you take my advice about Amazing Spider-Man? If so, you’ve been enjoying one of the wildest rides that title has seen in years.  Dan has been working his magic and the latest story with Hobgoblin is a doozy.  Enough about that, it’s time for us to mourn the loss of either the Invisible Woman, Mr. Fantastic, Thing or the Human Torch.  Who do you think will bite the bullet?  Do you think this will last for more than five years?  Let us know by leaving a comment below!

9 thoughts on “Jump In – Fantastic Four #587”

  1. Wow, I was never a fan of the F4 but this is huge. Are they killing off a character? Or is someone leaving the team. Anyhow, I call a bluff, it will last 2 years max.

    And is the original numbering staying?

  2. The story goes that one of the FF will be killed off, thus the black polybag. After this arc the title is getting renamed The Fantastic Three. I doubt very much this is going to stay longer than two years, as you said Steven. The numbering is staying the same. I already buy the series, but I will admit it’s a very good arc thus far and I think it’s going to be a fun ride.

    As for Spidey, you really need to read this current arc. Have you received your books yet?

  3. Yes I did. The box is looking at me, still wrapped. Comics and gaming are two different passions that take turns. Right now, I have trouble not playing x-box long enough to open this stupid box. One day though, one day.

  4. You need to read those Spidey books man. I’m not sure if you ever got to Hobgoblin in your Essential run, but if you did, you’ll love this current arc. It’s bold, and badass!

    As for Xbox, yeah it’s addiciting to unlock those lovely achievements. I played some wager matches today and unlocked that one. It was a joke as you and Mal told me. I also did the FIVE one, which took me two tries. I couldn’t remember where the power was lol. Now all I have left are the two achievements for zombies, but I have to walk my dog so Mal and I can’t attempt them.

  5. While I originally thought Marvel was just trying to hype up their Fantastic Four “death” issue, I now believe they are genuinely killing off a character. And that this will last forever.
    I’ll admit, the only Fantastic Four I ever read and still trying to finish is the Ultimate versions. But I do plan to buy this issue, especially the variant cover.

  6. Do you really think they will kill a character forever? Especially a character as famous as one from the Fantastic 4?

    I seriously doubt it. They said that Steve Rogers was gonna remain dead forever, it lasted 2 years. They cannot commit to “deaths” simply because the characters themselves make them money I guess. The only character I know of that they never brought back is Gwen Stacy, and even though all of us Spidermaniacs love that character, she’s still a supporting character. I doubt they will ever kill off a good name for good.

  7. The only other Marvel comic series I read regularly are Invincible Iron Man and all the X titles.
    I know that some characters are being brought back to life in Chaos War, which I’m not too happy about. In Necrosha, millions were brought back to life but died when Selene did. I think the only reason they’re bringing back some for mutants is because they’re down to what…150 mutants on the whole damn planet? They need more!

  8. Hey Illusive man, it’s great to have someone else comment on these posts. What series are you into right now and are you interested in more comic articles like this?

  9. Yeah, I like these articles. I just started reading comic a little under three months ago though. But I own around 50 of the paperback/hardcover editions. (Like almost all the oversized Ultimate X-Men and most major X Events)
    I read all the X-Titles, major Marvel crossovers, and Brightest Day. I’ve read Blackest Knight, some Ultimate F4, The Ultimates (1,2, and 3), Dark Avengers, mostly Marvel stuff.
    My favorite current one is Uncanny X-Force though.

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