Readers’ Choice Awards 2010: Schedule of Week 1 (Special Awards)

This week will be all about our special awards. We will be uploading polls daily for the rest of the week. Each day will contain a ‘sub-theme’ as well. Here’s this week’s schedule:

Tuesday, December 7th: Highs and Lows

Wednesday, December 8th: Original and Licensed

Thursday, December 9th: You have some old school in my new school!

Friday, December 10th: Gaming in Motion

Saturday, December 11th: Funny, Kiddy, and Hilariously Bad!

Sunday, December 12th: Audiovisual goodness

Special Awards Polls Hub Page

Feel free to suggest/discuss categories and nominations. My hints should make the themes in question easy to predict. Voting begins tomorrow with the first batch of polls! Who knows, if you suggest a cool award we may implement it if we find it to be a unique idea!

Remember the rules:

1) You will not find remakes and enhanced ports nominated except in the self-titled “best remake” and “best enhanced port” awards.

2) You can vote up to 3 games per poll with 10 or more nominations. 2 votes if more than 5 up to 9, an 1 vote for polls with 5 nominations or less.

3) Your deadline will be January 4th, 2011, midnight.

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