Monster Hunter Portable 3rd Dominates Japan – Godzilla Style!

Monster Hunter Portable 3rd is to Japan what Black Ops is to the rest of the world.  The game sold a stunning 2.14 million units within its first week of availability.  If that wasn’t enough, it gave the PSP its highest selling week since its Japanese debut, moving 326,639 units.  Monster Hunter is something of an oddity in that it is extremely successful in Japan, but has failed to capture the rest of the world’s attention.

Have any of you ever played a Monster Hunter and if so, what did you think of it?

2 thoughts on “Monster Hunter Portable 3rd Dominates Japan – Godzilla Style!”

  1. My first monster hunter game was tri on wii, and to tell you the truth i did like it a lot, it is a very hard game,of course if you dont pay attention to it ,and if you dont understand it ,but once you start improvement your weapons and memorizing the big monsters moves and patterns of attacks, then you can manage to be alive and defeat them but with a lot of work, mind you, it is really an inmersive game kind of like a MMOPG but for one player (of course in the multiplayer section is like MMOPG, of course for me).

  2. Yeah I’m not into MMOs and this game has that type of play so I never got into but I have a few friends who were hooked!

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