Neo Geo Station Coming To PlayStation Network

Were you one of the few people who bought a ridiculously expensive Neo Geo home console years ago?  If so, then you were also one of the few people to pay upwards of $400 PER game.  Well for everyone else, today marks a very special day.  SNK Playmore has announced Neo Geo Station for the PlayStation Network.  It arrives on December 21st in North America and on the 22nd over in Japan.  NG Station will work something like Nintendo’s Virtual Console, offering titles such as Fatal Fury, Alpha Mission II, The King of Fighters ’94, Samurai Shodown, Baseball Stars Professional, Magician Road, Metal Slug, League Bowling, Super Sidekicks and Art of Fighting.  The PS3 versions cost $8.99, while the PSP ones cost $6.99.

Metal Slug remains one of my favorite games so I’ll be certainly checking that one out on the 21st.  What about you guys?  Any takers?

One thought on “Neo Geo Station Coming To PlayStation Network”

  1. Unless they have very easy trophies, I don’t see any reason to go back and play cheap graphic games that I don’t even know about… (Apart for Metal Slug)

    The price seems a bit high too… That system was super nintendo quality right?

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