Readers’ Choice Awards 2010 Log — Week 1, Day 2: Original & Licensed


1) You will not find any enhanced ports and remakes because they’re not allowed.

2) If you vote for “Other”, you MUST specify the game in the comments section or your vote will not count.

3) Your deadline is January 4th, 2011.

Today’s games are all about original IPs and licensed material. Vote for your favorites now. Note that you can vote up to 3 games for “best original IP” but only one game is allowed for best adaptation.

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6 thoughts on “Readers’ Choice Awards 2010 Log — Week 1, Day 2: Original & Licensed”

  1. Nope. As I explained in the rules post, there are a few exceptions, most notably Goldeneye and Lufia this year because they’re so far off the source material they’re labeled as re-imaginings of the original. Same setting and concepts, but gameplay is all new. :)

  2. Oh ok that’s cool then.

    For the glitch, does that mean I gotta vote again?

  3. Depends. Did you current votes register? I think you’re the only one who voted before the glitch occured if I’m not mistaken. Did you vote for Heavy Rain as best original IP and Goldeneye as Franchise to Game adaptation?

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