MGS: Peace Walker PSN/XBLA-Bound?

Quote from my Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker review:

In short, I determined to look at Peace Walker objectively and review it from a portable point of view. Yet the more I played, the more I was compelled to compare it to MGS4. Why? Because it deserves to be put on that pedestal! In fact, I boldly say that Peace Walker is on the wrong platform. A PSN/XBLA download or a full-fledged PS3 game would’ve been the better choice. It’s not perfect, but I can’t deny that it’s an evolutionary step for the series.

Here we are a couple of months later, with a teaser of the Peace Walker logo to promote Spike TV’s Game Awards. I stand by my prediction. Peace Walker sold like crap for the PSP despite being praised critically, and now you can download it for a mere 9.99$ off PSN. Kind of low for a recent release, eh? All it needs is online multiplayer for it to really sell, and what better way to do it than port it to a full-fledged download game.

I’m sure fans will appreciate the game so much if it gets ported to the downloadable services, yet I’m not really sure if I’ll play it again if it’s just a straight-forward port with online play. If Konami can find a way to make use of my PSP save to access bonuses for the port or continue where I left off, I may try it out. Also, enhanced graphics and a load of more content will do wonders for me to jump back into it. Make it happen, Kojima!

2 thoughts on “MGS: Peace Walker PSN/XBLA-Bound?”

  1. This is very interesting news Ahmed. Hopefully we get official confirmation and details in the next few days. With Uncharted 3 getting announced and now this, talk about a killer weekend :)

  2. Yeah I don’t think I’d play it again. Besides, if it’s strickly for online you can already play online with friends through the PSP.

    The main reason for me would be dual sticks controls. But that’s not enough for me to buy it again.

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