Readers’ Choice 2010 Awards Log — Week 1, Day 6: Audiovisual Goodness!


1) You will not find remakes and enhanced ports nominated except in the self-titled “best remake” and “best enhanced port” awards.

2) You can vote up to 3 games per poll with 10 or more nominations. 2 votes if nominations are 5 or more. 1 vote for polls with less than 5 nominations.

3) If you vote for “Other”, you must specify the game in the comments or else it will be nullified!

4) Your deadline will be January 4th, 2011, midnight.

Our first week is coming to a close. Here’s the last three polls you need to vote for, top two games each: best graphics (technical), best graphics (artistic), and best original game soundtrack of 2010. Tomorrow will most likely be a basic recap of this week’s votes followed by details on our very own nominations. If all goes according to schedule, we will release our own initial voting results as Week 2 begins.

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