A look back Part 2: There ain’t no party like an X-Box party!

Welcome to yet another wonderful addition of whatever this series is called! Today, I’m gonna be listing my top 5 favourite X-Box games. Why you ask? Because that’s the whole point of the article. First, a little history lesson. I was a huge Nintendo fanboy back in the day. Buying another system was totally out of the question. I would blindly bash any of the top games released on the “other” consoles just to convince myself I was right and everybody else was wrong. Turns out, I was the one who was wrong. Last generation, each console had something spectacular to offer. I finally bought the new (at the time) transparent green box and never looked back. If I had to name one thing revolutionary from last generation, something that changes how we play console games, my choice would be X-Box live without a single doubt. That thing made it simple to play and chat with your friends wherever they may be. Anyhow, let this top 5 begin. You may notice that my top 5 is mainly composed of 2 series, that’s not because the library was week, au contraire, it’s simply because these two series kick all kinds of ass!

Honorable mentions:  Ninja Gaiden Black, Metal Gear Solid 2: Subsistence, Metal slug 3, Fable, Panzer Dragoon Orta, Jade Empire.


I had so much fun with this title back in the day it’s unreal. This is still the best Burnout in the series. My memory is a bit lame right now, and I’m too lazy to do some research, but I’m pretty sure oncoming traffic was a first for Burnout. What I do know is that it introduced online modes to the series. The only thing I hated about the game was that it was impossible to get the lead no matter how good you were. Besides that, everything else was a winner. I don’t have much inspiration to explain why Takedown belongs on my list, just know that this was the best arcade racing game available. Today, I’m pretty sure it still holds out.


Halo: Combat Evolved put the X-Box on the map. At first, I was hesitant. My FPS skills were questionable. I couldn’t understand somehow that the covenant’s shield had to be brought down before you could kill them (many noobs still don’t).  I was finally caved and found one of the best campaigns  ever  in a first-person shooter. It just spells epicness. The plot spawned many novels and comic books because fans wanted more. The levels were all memorable and unique (expect for the library perhaps) and the reveal of the flood is still one of my all time favourite gaming moments. The commercials were awesome too! “Citizens or Earth, we are in deep doo-doo” Classic!


Halo 1 put the X-Box on the map, Halo 2 did the same for X-Box Live. Every great online game today has Halo 2 to thank for. I logged hours after hours onto the game’s online multiplayer. When I got back home for Christmas, I realized something. I was owning everyone who wouldn’t play on Live. It was a blast to play and it also improved your skills dramatically. Everyone had to buy X-Box Live after that. Halo 2 is also the only midnight launch I ever participated in. For that, it will always have a special place in my heart. We waited in line like everyone else, then when the time midnight struck, we had a good hour and a half of walking ahead of us since we could no longer catch a bus. We still played till 6 in the morning when we arrived. Completed it the very next day. The campaign was excellent, although it did piss a lot of people off that only one mission took place on Earth. The tagline of Halo 2 was something like “Bring the fight to Earth” so you can see how surprising it was to play the game and only have one Earth mission. The ending left us wanting more as we would have to wait another three years to “finish the fight“. Halo 2 remains the hardest game in the series and the only one I can’t beat on Legendary. Nonetheless, the meat of the game was online. To give you an idea of how epic the game was, Microsoft only recently closed the servers a few months ago. The only way to play the game online was if you were already online. Eight people remained and kept there X-Boxes on to prevent being booted out forever. They would play until electricity ran out, their system froze, or until there X-Box couldn’t take anymore. There were finally two left and Microsoft closed it for good. They were compensated for there efforts but still, it’s a bit sad to know that such a legend isn’t playable online anymore. What I would have given to be part of the few left at the end fighting for its survival. Longue vie to Halo 2!


I would wake up around 10 in the morning, pop in Kotor II and play till 2AM everyday until I completed it. When I did, I played it again, this time as a Dark Jedi. This one improved on everything the original had to offer. I can’t believe that we’ll never get part 3. I don’t want to go too much into details here because well, I’ll save it for number 1.


Honestly, if you’re a Star Wars fan and have never played this, you’re a sinner. Seriously, you should probably turn yourself over. You’re an idiot. You really are. The Kotor series is my favorite RPG series of all time and for good reason. No two people will play this game the same way. Scratch that, out of a group of 100 people, none would have the same results. Although BioWare would greatly improve on this formula with the Mass Effect series, this is where it started. Plus it has the Star Wars franchise attached to it. What more could you ask for? Although Kotor II remains my favourite of the two, I put Kotor on top for a single reason. The single most wtf plot twist in the history of the universe! If you saw it coming, you’re lying! Either that or you read about it somewhere, a friend told you or you designed this very game. The storyline is fantastic, heck, its better then the original trilogy. Think “Luke, I’m your father” was shocking, think again. Compared to this game’s revelation, it’s nothing! Kotor can be played on the 360, so if you still haven’t experienced this game, you no longer have any excuses. Just talking about it makes me want to play it again.

Well there you have it folks. Next week I’ll do the impossible. Somehow, I’ll manage a Top 5 PlayStation 2 list. With the console’s delicious library, I might not maintain my sanity trying to work out a list. See you there and be sure to comment below, whether or not you own the system, I’m sure each and everyone of you has played it at one point.

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  1. Where do I begin. Ok so when I first picked up my black massive beast, I was stunned by the gargantuan controller. Did you have to use your feet to play this thing? Anyways, when I finally tried Halo I thought “meh, it’s alright.” Then my brother said “hey look, it has co-op.” Well needless to say, that was the beginning of a beautiful relationship. To say we played Halo would be an understatement, but let’s step back a bit.

    5) Splinter Cell – At the time this was an exclusive for the Xbox, or at least it was originally designed for the system. Being the MGS whore that I am, I simply had to try SC. I wasn’t disappointed, not in the least. It proved to be far more realistic than MGS, but at the same time just as intriguing. To this day I remember my surprise at just how much fun it was to play with all the gadgets. Fast forward all these years and I just mastered Conviction not too long ago. The series proves it’s still going strong, but without this one game none of it would have been possible.

    4) Forza MotorSport – Forza on my list of top 5, I must be mad! The truth is that I was all over my PS2 last generation and honestly, who could blame me? When Forza came out it wasn’t quite the GT killer that MS was hoping for, but it sure proved to be an excellent simulation racer. One that tried a few things GT didn’t and it was for that reason why I added it to this list. That and I didn’t want the exact same list as Steven ;)

    3) Halo 2 – Unlike Steven I already had a Live account thanks to MechAssault and Ghost Recon. Both were great games that showed what true online gaming was all about. These titles are extremely primitive to what’s offered today, but at the time it was just out of this world. When Halo 2 finally hit, it’s just like Steven saidit was amazing. It was an extension of what we had seen before, but greatly expanded. I actually played that one for longer than just a few days thanks to almost all the COE members picking it up at launch. I won’t go over the same things Steven said except, it was a truly great time to be an online gamer. Not much has changed since.

    2) Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic – Unlike Steven I didn’t want to add KOTOR II only because of just how incredibly shocking the end of the original KOTOR was. Like he said, nothing in the history of games has ever come close to matching that. While playing it there were a few minor references here and there that made one question the universe as a whole, but not the surprise and that’s what made you go “WTF!” That was a wtf in a good way though, not the way a certain “collect all the weapons” achievement in Fable III makes you go….anyways…moving right along. KOTOR remains one of my favorite RPGs ever and it was the beginning of the North American domination over JRPGs. I know there was Elder Scrolls before it, but to me, BioWare took just took off in their own direction and never looked back. Bring on Mass Effect 3 baby!

    *drum roll*

    1) Halo: Combat Evolved – You know damn straight! Even though I may have gone “meh” when I first played it, that changed very quickly. When my brother and I played through the campaign, we quickly started again on Legendary. From that moment forward we were hooked. He may not have been able to get back into the series as a whole afterwards, but that first game remains my very favorite Xbox experience. Don’t let Steven try and convince you to spell it X-Box, that’s something I used to do. It’s Xbox damn it! Anyways, while Halo 2 would perfect a great many gameplay elements, I’ll always prefer the story of the original Halo. To this day it remains my favorite with Reach coming in second place. I guess I’m just a sucker for surprises.

    Next week I will pull my hair out trying to figure out my top 5 PS2 games as that system was my bread and butter for an entire generation O_O

  2. Nice stuff ol-man. You still got it wrong with X-Box though. But nice try. Nice list too dude.

    That’s the kind of reply I like to see! Hopefully, I’ll get some more.

    As for the PS2, I have about 1732937494 games I need to condense into a Top 5.

  3. I’m one of those people who simply hated the original Xbox. The only games that got me close to buying the system were the Rare-developed ones…and even those didn’t turn out really good. Thus far, the only two Xbox games I’ve played due to 360 compatibility are Conker: Live and Reloaded and Halo 2. Granted, I may have missed out on ones I’ve always wanted to try (KOTOR, Shenmue 2, Jet Set Radio Future, and Panzer Dragoon Orta), but I’m glad I skipped out on the system because these are just a handful of games for a system that costs around 200$ or more. I wouldn’t have had the capabilities to try out Xbox Live back then because my internet was really slow. The GameCube and PS2 had more than enough games in their library to satisfy me. Xbox exclusives weren’t my thing and just didn’t cut it compared to the awesome library of its competitors.

    And Jarrod, do I really have to keep pestering you to check out our GOTY threads? We’re slightly behind schedule because of you. :P

  4. I know a lot of people like you Ahmed. Most people bought an Xbox for Halo 2 and not much else. In my case there were a nice selection of titles that really stood out but compared to all the games I was playing on the PS2, yes there was no comparison.

  5. It baffles me how the Xbox outsold the GameCube then. Yes they had Halo, but can one game and online play make that big of a difference? The GameCube was a lot cheaper and had a lot of great exclusives.

  6. You answered your own question there Ahmed. Apparently yes one game and online play really can make all the difference. The system sold especially well here in North America, and if they continue on their current trend next gen should be something else.

  7. The X-Box was also marketed as a powerhouse when it came out, being the more powerful console of the bunch. But yeah Halo was a huge hit and so was Live.

  8. The cube was a kids machine in the eyes of many. Can’t really blame them though… Purple, the handle, the kiddy remote lacking at least 3 buttons compared to the competition none of them analog, disc size limitations… I could go on but ya. The x/box (see what I did there?) was marketed to adults more plus live plus dvd and that eventually awesome controller made it better than the cube.
    Honestly, if there would have been only 4 games in the entire x/box library and those 4 games were of the halo or kotor kind it still would have been worth it!

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