Infinity Blade Becomes Fastest Selling iPhone Game Ever

If your one of those that said the iPhone would never succeed as a gaming device, just take a look at this.  Epic Games has announced their fantasy action game Infinity Blade, has sold 271,424 in four days.  This is a cell phone game we’re talking about here folks.  The game has already generated 1.6 million dollars of profits for Epic.  Needless to say, this isn’t going to be their only iPhone game moving forward. 

For those that have downloaded it, what do you think of Infinity Blade?  I haven’t been able to buy an iPhone 4 yet, so I can’t comment either way.  Hopefully that will change in the coming days ;)

7 thoughts on “Infinity Blade Becomes Fastest Selling iPhone Game Ever”

  1. If I had an iPhone I would not buy the game. Phones lack real controls and I have my consoles to play real games on. It does look nice at least.

  2. It looks sensational actually. When I first saw this I was really taken aback because of how richly detailed the game world is. To think this is all possible on the phone really makes you wonder why so many PC and console games look like garbage.

  3. lol I just got it yesterday and haven’t had the chance to play more than 20 mins. So far I am no good at fighting! It does look fucken nice though. Looking forward to really try it.

  4. Best game on the iPad! The controls are so fundamental and the game is all around is addicting!
    Please buy this game especially on an IPad for the best feel.

  5. I’ve heard nothing but good things from Infinity Blade. To think this started off as a Kinect game. Talk about a bizarre development cycle. Anyways, it looks simply amazing for a phone game, and don’t let Steven tell you any different! ;)

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