Link’s Awakening: Threshold of a Dream is Now a Reality Thanks to OC ReMix!

It’s been a really active year for OverClocked ReMix thanks to increased awareness of the game music remix community. I skipped on their recent niche releases due to lack of interest, but their latest project sends them off 2010 with a high note: a reinterpretation of the Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening music, appropriately titled “Threshold of a Dream”. It has just hit the internet as of this writing, so check out the torrent while it’s hot!

As the tracks download to my laptop and OCR splurges up its web-page to promote it, let’s reminisce about the first and arguably the best handheld installment of the franchise. Ironically, I don’t regard LA as a breathtaking spectacle, but to its credit it did define what epic handheld games are all about in the present. Additionally, the self-contained plot stands out nicely among the series and is still debated to this very day. I’m surprised by how people regard it so highly compared to the other installments to be frank. I think that the other handheld games far surpass it, yet other fans will fearlessly tell you that the modern ones don’t hold a candle to Link’s Awakening.

Its music, however, is still quite catchy. Koji Kondo stood as supervisor as a set of other composers took helm. Three in total for one mere Game Boy game? That’s pure dedication. Maybe that’s why its overall vibe sounds different compared to the Kondo-composed ones. Some tracks feel really fast-paced for a Zelda game while others feel like they’re taking on other genres all together. All in all, if you love chiptunes then you can’t go wrong with Link’s Awakening music.

This arrangement of the classic Zelda tune still remains as one of the catchiest ever. As soon as I hit those mountains back in the day, I felt like I was on top of the world trying to save the day. I’m curious to see how OCR handheld this arrangement in particular.

Ah, mysterious forest. This has to be my favorite track of the game. Has this eerie feeling even though it’s not slow-paced at all.

The boss music also stands out as sounding unique. The mini-boss theme is so short and simple but still manages to sound so cool…very rock-oriented stuff.

I’ll try to update with impressions as soon as I download and listen to OCR’s latest. I can’t wait. You should be on the edge of your seat, too. Support the movement and download this album! It is free after all.

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