Readers’ Choice Awards 2010: Schedule & Hub of Week 2 (Genre Awards)

Week 1: Special Awards Hub Page & Polls

Week 2: Genre Awards Polls

I hope everyone is enjoying the stream of polls we’ve delivered last week for our special awards. Remember, even though we’re moving into our 2nd week, voting is open until January 4th, 2010. So please, go and check out last week’s polls. As for our own staff nominations and results, we’re running a bit late so keep it locked to the blog for a detailed post if all goes well.

Right, then, here’s week 2’s schedule, which is all about genre awards:

Monday, December 13th: Action Adventuring

Tuesday, December 14th: Shut your Mouth and Know your Role [Playing]

Wednesday, December 15th: 1.21 Gigabytes!

Thursday, December 16th: Better With Friends

Friday, December 17th: Guy Gaming

Saturday, December 18th: The Forgotten Genre

Sunday, December 19th: The Dying Genres

As always, feedback is more than welcome. Just don’t forget our basic rules:

1) You will not find remakes and enhanced ports in these awards unless noted (re-imaginings such as Goldeneye 007 are okay).

2) You can vote up to 3 games per poll with 10 or more nominations, 2 votes if more than 5 up to 9, and 1 vote for polls with 5 nominations or less.

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