Readers’ Choice Awards 2010 Log — Week 2, Day 2: Shut your Mouth and Know your Role [Playing]!


1) No remakes or enhanced ports allowed (unless noted).

2) If you vote for “Other”, you must specify the game in our comments section or else it will be nullified.

3) Deadline is January 4th, 2011.

Man…this one is going to be a tough. You should thank God that we’re allowing three games for this category: RPGs. Lots of excellent ones this year, not to mention the occasional niche surprise. Are you rooting for the Mass Effects or Sakura Wars? Or maybe both? You decide by voting.

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5 thoughts on “Readers’ Choice Awards 2010 Log — Week 2, Day 2: Shut your Mouth and Know your Role [Playing]!”

  1. Wow, RPGs used to be my favorite genre last generation. Can’t say I played that many for this one.

  2. Same here, man. I was a fanatic back in the PS2/GameCube days and before. Nowadays, I just don’t have a lot of time and patience for them, especially since FFXIII practically killed the little RPG soul I had left. Seriously, after giving 30 hours to one of my most anticipated games of the year and not being blown away, I just shied away from RPGs except for the occasional classic download (FFIX, Alundra),

  3. Yeah, same here. Mass Effect being the exception. I also put 35+ hours into FFXIII. I really liked it for a while. Unline everyone else, what I hated about ti was when the world open up. Suddenly, you had to grind and grind to be able to move along. I absolutely hate grinding. That’s why I’ll probably never finish it, even if I’m about 10 hours or so from the end. It’s just too difficult for me.

    I guess I’m now a bigger western RPG fan then the traditional ones. Back on the PS2, traditional RPG’s would take up much of my time. Now, I tend to play the Mass Effects and Fable of this world… with a bit of Elder Scrolls thrown in there for good measure.

  4. But…. … aren’t western RPGs all about grinding and practically no story?

  5. Not at all actually. Games like Kotor, Mass effect, Jade Empire or Fable have 0 grinding. Plus, the storylines are fantastic (except for maybe Fable).

    I think you’re thinking of games like Gauntlet or Diablo which I consider to be Action/RPG’s. These games have grinding and next to no story.

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